MIRROR MIRROR: Premiere Date Moved Back

The Hollywood Reporter just announced that Mirror, Mirror will open in theaters on March 30 instead of the 16th. Smart move in taking advantage of spring break and the Easter holiday , which falls on April 8 this year. Also, The Hunger Games opens a week prior, so the dust should have settled by then. The date change was oficially announced by Relativity Media ... Read More »

MIRROR MIRROR: New Preview Released

ComingSoon.net just posted the new preview video from Tarsem Singh’s Mirror Mirror. This film stars Julia Roberts as the evil Queen and Lily Collins as the fair Snow White. Armie Hammer steps in as the charming prince who falls for the beautiful Snow White and the dwarves, instead of being those hard-working diamond miners, are a band of thieves. Mirror, Mirror opens March 16. Read More »

TINK: Elizabeth Banks On Her Opportunity to Fly

Disney’s Tinkerbell has truly thrived over the past few years with, among other things, a series of CG made for DVD adventures. Now it’s time for the character to take flight on the big screen in a proposed film called Tink. Written by Buffy/Fright Night/I Am Number Four screenwriter Marti Noxon, the film will be starring Elizabeth Banks in the ... Read More »


This is a new trailer for Snow White and the Huntsman, which is pretty much the same as the original one previously released, but there a few more shots added. It was shown during a recent appearance by Charlize Theron on Top Chef. The film hits theaters June 1. Read More »

BEAUTY & THE BEAST Gets Pilot Order at the CW

Fledgling network the CW ordered a couple of pilots today for possible launch in the 2012-2013 season, and, showing that the fairy tale genre continues to be hot, one of them is Beauty and the Beast. Insiders say the series is loosely based on the 1987 version that aired on NBC and starred Linda Hamilton and Ron Perlman. With the ... Read More »

MIRROR, MIRROR: Behind the Scenes Photos

The Hollywood Reporter posted these gorgeous photos from Tarsem Singh’s Mirror, Mirror, opening March 16. These photos include a look at Nathan Lane in the role of Brighton and Lily Collins as Snow White. Look at this stunning gown! Read More »

MALEFICENT: A Director is Chosen

According to a report at Deadline.com, and despite a number of big-time names being thrown around for the project, Disney has decided to allow Robert Stromberg to direct the live-action Maleficent, focusing on the evil Queen from Sleeping Beauty. Stromberg had previously worked on the visual effects for 2012, Priates Of The Caribbean: At World’s End and Master and Commander. ... Read More »

PINOCCHIO: Exclusive Interview with Writer Bryan Fuller

The latest news on the live action version of Pinocchio that Warner Bros. is producing is that the studio is hoping Tim Burton will direct with Robert Downey, Jr. starring as Gepetto, who is searching for his missing puppet brought to some form of life. The screenplay is by Pushing Daisies creator Bryan Fuller who, in this exclusive interview, offers ... Read More »

JACK THE GIANT KILLER: Official Synopsis

Warner Bros. has released its breakdown of films for 2012, among them Bryan Singer’s Jack the Giant Killer, the official synopsis reads as follows: “Jack the Giant Killer” tells the story of an ancient war that is reignited when a young farmhand unwittingly opens a gateway between our world and a fearsome race of giants. Unleashed on the Earth for ... Read More »

CURSES: A F**cked Up Fairy Tale

Like Fables, Grimm and Once Upon a Time, J.A. Kazimer’s Curses: A F**cked Up Fairy Tale brings fairy tale characters into something resembling the real world. Says the publisher, “Definitely not for baby’s bedtime reading, this hilarious and irreverent take on classic fairytales–think Shrek for grownups–combines humor, mystery, and characters only a fairy godmother could love… When Cinderella is run ... Read More »