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Grimm: A Reptile Dysfunction Podcast

In the latest episode of Grimm, it looks like the writers pulled from the legend of the Loch Ness Monster with their own version. A local legend comes back to life as Nick and Hank investigate a mysterious sighting linked to a tourist’s death at a local lake. Meanwhile, Nick is shown the scope of the Wesen uprising as the secret ... Read More »

GRIMM ROUNDTABLE (Podcast): Eve of Destruction

It seems like forever since we’ve had a new Grimm (and how it ended with us finding out that Juliette is kind of not dead!!!), but finally, our wait is over! And the powers that be didn’t waste any time bringing it, either! We got a chance to preview the episode ahead of time and decided that a standard written ... Read More »

Our GRIMM Memories

The last three Fridays have just felt weird – the first weeks without a new episode of Grimm to come. It’s been a great 6 years following the show, the cast, and interacting with other fans. For every Friday with a new episode for the past three years we’ve watched, live-tweeted, recapped, and even tried podcasting last season. Grimm has been ... Read More »


Bad Night, indeed! Following on the heels of last week’s intense episode, this one did it one better. No Wesen of the Week, but a whole lot of setting the scene for what promises to be one heck of a two-part finale next week. No podcast this week due to [more] technical glitches, so we’re going back to old-school round ... Read More »


We were really excited to talk about this episode, but unfortunately our podcast for this episode went down in a flame that took the shape of multiple computer error messages at the only time that we could manage to get all three of us together on this holiday/Wonder Con week. So, hopefully just for this week, we’re once again rocking it old-style ... Read More »