We were really excited to talk about this episode, but unfortunately our podcast for this episode went down in a flame that took the shape of multiple computer error messages at the only time that we could manage to get all three of us together on this holiday/Wonder Con week. So, hopefully just for this week, we’re once again rocking it old-style ... Read More »

[VIDEO] New “Winter’s War” Trailer: Queen Against Queen; Huntsman Against Evil

The third full trailer for “The Huntsman: Winter’s War” has been released by Universal Pictures. It reveals a bit more of the relationship between the sisters, Ravenna and Freya, and the reason Ravenna takes Freya’s child from her. Also, Eric’s bad planning. ;-D “Winter’s War” hits theaters April 22nd. One month from today!! From Universal, here is the synopsis: Long ... Read More »

GRIMM PODCAST: Silence of the Slams

This week’s Grimm took us back into the Wesen of the Week storylines and into the world of Lucha Libre, or Mexican wrestling. Turns out among Wesen, there can be more to the colorful masks the wrestlers wear than meets the eye. H.W. (or at least Eve) found out about Renard’s offer from Black Claw, and Adalind was made an offer ... Read More »

Freeform to Tackle “Sleeping Beauty”

It would appear that television is not yet finished with fairy tales. According to this, Freeform will be taking on the challenge of creating a more badass Sleeping Beauty. They’ll base their story on the currently popular young adult novel, “A Wicked Thing”, by Rhiannon Thomas. In Thomas’s reimagined Sleeping Beauty story, Aurora has been asleep for 100 years and ... Read More »

GRIMM PODCAST: Episode 100 – Into the Schwarzwald

This was the episode – the 100th episode – that is considered a real milestone in television. It’s customary for the cast and crew to have a party, complete with a cake and judging by the pictures online,  a great time was had by all at the celebration. This week the fans finally got to join in the fun and ... Read More »

Grimm: Celebrating 100 Episodes and Counting!

Today we’re celebrating the 100th episode of NBC’s Grimm. It’s been so much fun watching this show grow from the pilot episode to the crazy wonderful show it is today. It got me thinking back to the first time I heard this show was being made. Ah, memories! “Grimm” debuted the same time other fairy tale themed shows premiered, but ... Read More »

GRIMM: 5 Reasons Why We Love the Women of Grimm

I’ll admit that I wasn’t initially a fan of Grimm. It aired its first season immediately following Chuck, which was my “obsession show” at the time. I watched the pilot, but it didn’t hook me, so I would watch Chuck and then tune out. All that changed at San Diego Comic Con three years ago when I was assigned to ... Read More »

GRIMM PODCAST: Roundtable Discussion of “Key Move”

This week’s Grimm is the 99th episode and what a ride! We are careening toward that 100th episode with so much information and so many puzzles solved, and so much more intrigue. The writers are really giving the fans a ton to talk about, and we do on our new podcast for “Key Move”. Highlights: Nick and Adalind – what ... Read More »

GRIMM PODCAST: Map of The Seven Knights

Watching this episode, it seemed like the Grimm writers either have been listening to our podcasts, or had gotten into our heads as so many questions we had and issues we’d brought up lately were all addressed – what ever happened to the keys? Why does everyone seem to have forgotten how awkward the whole Nick and Adalind relationship is? ... Read More »

Go Inside “The Huntsman: Winter’s War” with Charlize Theron, Emily Blunt, Jessica Chastain and Chris Hemsworth

Charlize Theron, Emily Blunt, Jessica Chastain and Chris Hemsworth sat down with NBC’s Today show to chat about The Huntsman: Winter’s War. All four stars were in full costume, which is breathtaking. They talk about their roles in this prequel/sequel, and about the story, itself. And the girls have some fun at Hemsworth’s expense. In between the chatter are scenes ... Read More »