GRIMM Roundtable: The Beginning of the End (1&2)

Wow! We got to see the episode last weekend, so we’ve had a week to let it settle into our brains, but I for one am still not sure I’ve wrapped my mind around everything that happened in these two episodes! It seems fair to say that however the current peril for all the characters is resolved, life in Portland ... Read More »

GRIMM: Season Finale Preview

Grimmsters, it’s all going down this Friday and nothing will be the same afterward! Check out the promo below and be sure to bring plenty of wine, tissues, and soft things to throw at your TV!   The Grimm season finale airs on Friday at 8/7c on NBC!  Read More »


Bad Night, indeed! Following on the heels of last week’s intense episode, this one did it one better. No Wesen of the Week, but a whole lot of setting the scene for what promises to be one heck of a two-part finale next week. No podcast this week due to [more] technical glitches, so we’re going back to old-school round ... Read More »

GRIMM: Taming of the Wu Podcast

Wow, there was a whole lot of storyline going on in this episode! Lots of mythology, and no Wesen of the Week, unless you count Wu’s not-exactly-a-Wesen Neanderthal turn. Or the fact that Diana’s skull mirror might just keep us up at night. Lots of pieces are being set into place for the final 3 episodes and based on the ... Read More »

GRIMM PODCAST: Good to the Bone

This week’s Grimm episode, Good to the Bone, once again upped the “eww” factor with some super-long tongues and bone-crunching sound effects. We also got a few more tantalizing bits of mythology. Overall, we all enjoyed this episode and promise you a particularly punchy podcast! Join Liz, Reuben, and I as we discuss: Hank’s Wesen GF returning to the scene ... Read More »


Grimm 5.17  Inugami This week we finally got the much anticipated meet up of Eve and Adalind, saw some of the results of Eve’s undercover (and under the sheets) work, and learned about an old Japanese Wesen ritual/tradition. Reuben, Liz, and I share our thoughts on the following topics in this week’s podcast: The latest on The Tunnel Eve’s meetings ... Read More »

[ADVANCED REVIEW] The Huntsman: Winter’s War

Having not seen “Snow White and The Huntsman“, I went into Universal Pictures’ “The Huntsman: Winter’s War“ with no expectations and was pleasantly surprised by this prequel/sequel. I know there have been quite a few reviews that didn’t love it but at the end of the day this is a fairytale derived movie and you’re meant to suspend your disbelief at times. ... Read More »


This week’s episode introduced us to a Furis Rubian, a Wesen with a remarkable likeness to traditional depictions of Satan, Rosalee came face-to-face with Eve for the first time, Adalind almost confided in Nick, and Eve moved forward with her plan to find what Renard knows about Black Claw. In short, lots to talk about! Listen as Liz, Reuben and I ... Read More »

GRIMM: Renewed for season 6!

That’s right, Grimmsters, we got the news today that NBC has renewed our beloved Grimm for it’s sixth season! While we weren’t really *that* worried, NBC had already renewed a number of other shows, so there was always a bit of concern. As they reported the news, the Grimm writers (@GrimmWriters) were kind enough to tweet the following: Oh, man, I ... Read More »


Nothing like a good cautionary tale about vanity – many people what to be beautiful and look younger than their years, but at what cost? Add a gross factor and some humor along with a small but intense bit of the Black Claw mythology and you have the makings of an entertaining episode! This week, Liz, Rueben, and I discuss: The ... Read More »