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The Magicians: Anyone Else Feel Like a Poached Egg?

Another new episode of The Magicians aired last night on Syfy. In their quest to find the key that was lost when poor Benedict took his life, ending up as dragon food no less, they had to follow a pretty tricky path to get it back; or more to the point figure out how to get Penny to the underworld ... Read More »

The Magicians Recap: “A Life in the Day”

A new episode of The Magicians aired last night on Syfy, focusing on a new journey that Quentin and Eliot went on to find the next key while Kady was dealing with being in rehab and Alice and Julia try to determine how Julia still has magic. The tagline for the episode entitled “A Life in the Day” is as ... Read More »

The Magicians: A Whole Lot of Gross Going On

The third season of The Magicians has been focused on the quest of the Kings and Queens of Fillory attempting to find a way to get magic back. In order to do that King Eliot – along with his wife Fen and their supposed daughter Fray – undertook a quest to find the seven keys. Eliot found the first key ... Read More »

The Magicians “Heroes and Morons”: My 17 Thoughts on What Happened

The second episode of the third season of The Magicians aired last night, finding the Brakebills kids attempting to find the magical batteries created by Mayakovsky in the hopes that will bring magic back to the world. Meanwhile in Fillory, Eliot set sail in order to retrieve the first of the seven keys that will hopefully unlock magic. It was ... Read More »

Advanced Review: The Magicians Season 3 Premiere Episode

This coming Wednesday, the third season of the Syfy fantasy drama The Magicians will air its season premiere. When last we were with the budding Brakebills students and reigning kings and queens of the magical world of Fillory, their worlds were in turmoil. • Eliot and Margo were dealing with the impending occupation of Fillory by the fairies and the ... Read More »

The Magicians: Comic Con Panel

Season 3 of The Magicians premieres on January 10th on Syfy.  Our videographer extraordinaire, Mynda, attended the panel at San Diego Comic Con back in July and we’ve got it here for you.  Read More »

EXCLUSIVE: The Magicians’ Brittany Curran on season 3

Season 3 of The Magicians premieres on January 10th, with the gang on a quest to “bring magic back” to Fillory. Brittany Curran plays Fen, Eliot’s Fillorian wife; her character was recently promoted from recurring to season regular.  Curran is best known for her recurring roles on the shows Chicago Fire and Twisted and was a series regular on Men of a Certain Age.  ... Read More »

Summer Fairy Tale Binge List

Ah, summer! Hot sunny days, warm nights, and most of your favorite shows on hiatus until fall. You know what that means – binge time! The chance to watch absurd amounts of shows that you missed the first time around or want to rewatch without getting behind on your current shows. Your neighbors won’t *really* care that you haven’t mowed ... Read More »