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INTERVIEW: Grimm’s Russell Hornsby discusses Hank’s relationships & season 6

We had the chance to chat with Russell Hornsby (Hank) at San Diego Comic Con and we asked him about Hank’s horrible relationship luck and his and Nick’s roles on the police force moving forward. Check out the video below: Look for all new episodes of Grimm this fall on NBC! Read More »

GRIMM: Bree Turner discusses babies and brains

We sat down with the always enjoyable Bree Turner (Rosalee) at San Diego Comic Con to chat about season 5 and preview season 6. Check out the video below where we discuss: The Monrosalee baby Monroe and Rosalee’s increased exposure in the Wesen world How the heck Rosalee knows everything and can pretty much can do anything Rosalee’s potential political ... Read More »

INTERVIEW: Grimm’s Bitsie Tulloch talks Eve, Juliette, and season 6

It was great to get a chance to catch up with Bitsie Tulloch (Eve/Juliette) at San Diego Comic Con this year as she was not in San Diego last year because they wanted us to believe that they had killed Juliette off completely. She was thrilled to be back at the Con and we talked about playing Eve, what it ... Read More »

GRIMM: Cast Photos from Comic Con

I know many of you have been eagerly awaiting some scoop from the Comic Con press rooms, and I promise you, it’s coming. In the meantime, though, we will share with you some pictures that I took in the press room. It was great chatting with all the cast again and I think you can tell from the pictures that ... Read More »

GRIMM Roundtable: The Beginning of the End (1&2)

Wow! We got to see the episode last weekend, so we’ve had a week to let it settle into our brains, but I for one am still not sure I’ve wrapped my mind around everything that happened in these two episodes! It seems fair to say that however the current peril for all the characters is resolved, life in Portland ... Read More »

GRIMM: Season Finale Preview

Grimmsters, it’s all going down this Friday and nothing will be the same afterward! Check out the promo below and be sure to bring plenty of wine, tissues, and soft things to throw at your TV!   The Grimm season finale airs on Friday at 8/7c on NBC!  Read More »


Bad Night, indeed! Following on the heels of last week’s intense episode, this one did it one better. No Wesen of the Week, but a whole lot of setting the scene for what promises to be one heck of a two-part finale next week. No podcast this week due to [more] technical glitches, so we’re going back to old-school round ... Read More »

GRIMM: Taming of the Wu Podcast

Wow, there was a whole lot of storyline going on in this episode! Lots of mythology, and no Wesen of the Week, unless you count Wu’s not-exactly-a-Wesen Neanderthal turn. Or the fact that Diana’s skull mirror might just keep us up at night. Lots of pieces are being set into place for the final 3 episodes and based on the ... Read More »

GRIMM PODCAST: Good to the Bone

This week’s Grimm episode, Good to the Bone, once again upped the “eww” factor with some super-long tongues and bone-crunching sound effects. We also got a few more tantalizing bits of mythology. Overall, we all enjoyed this episode and promise you a particularly punchy podcast! Join Liz, Reuben, and I as we discuss: Hank’s Wesen GF returning to the scene ... Read More »


Grimm 5.17  Inugami This week we finally got the much anticipated meet up of Eve and Adalind, saw some of the results of Eve’s undercover (and under the sheets) work, and learned about an old Japanese Wesen ritual/tradition. Reuben, Liz, and I share our thoughts on the following topics in this week’s podcast: The latest on The Tunnel Eve’s meetings ... Read More »