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Summer Fairy Tale Binge List

Ah, summer! Hot sunny days, warm nights, and most of your favorite shows on hiatus until fall. You know what that means – binge time! The chance to watch absurd amounts of shows that you missed the first time around or want to rewatch without getting behind on your current shows. Your neighbors won’t *really* care that you haven’t mowed ... Read More »

Fairy Tale Characters We’d Gladly Date

Somehow, it’s become November, which means that the holidays are rapidly approaching. For those with significant others, that often means compromises in terms of whose family you will visit for each holiday. For those of us who are single, it means awkward family dinners just waiting for the dreaded “are you dating anyone?” , “when are you going to settle ... Read More »

GALAVANT’s Karen David Joins OUAT as Princess Jasmine

Once Upon a Time‘s Aladdin storyline is filling out! EW announced over the weekend that Galavant‘s Karen David has signed on to play Princess Jasmine, opposite Deniz Akdeniz as Aladdin and Oded Fehr as Jafar. Perfect casting! Check out this clip introducing Aladdin and Jafar from Comic Con, and get ready for a whole new world. Once Upon a Time ... Read More »

GALAVANT Roundtable: Season 2 Premiere

Galavant season 2 premiered with back-to-back episodes: “A New Season aka Suck It Cancellation Bear” and “World’s Best Kiss”. Go ahead and have a laugh at the episode titles; we did. We reunite with our heroes, heroines, villains, and sidekicks in various states of uncertainty. Sid and Gareth are unsure of their roles in the new order under Madalena’s rule; ... Read More »

GALAVANT: Let’s All Admire The Gorgeous Season 2 Cast Photos

Galavant makes its triumphant return for a second season on Sunday, January 3 at 8/7c on ABC, and we have pretty, pretty pictures of the pretty, pretty cast to share. We’re planning to roundtable the series this season, gathering a few viewers to chime in with their thoughts on each double-episode goodie bag packed with wit, charm, singing and dancing ... Read More »

GRIMM: Clear and Wesen Danger Roundtable

This week’s Grimm was certainly not as explosive as last week’s, but it continued to advance many of the plot points, so we have some overlap in talking points with new stuff to add. This week we just have two of us, so please tell us what you think in the comments! 1)      Hank’s new [hopefully temporary] partner Liz: It’s ... Read More »

GALAVANT: Knights and Kings and Singing, Oh My!

ABC’s latest foray into fairy tale-esque theater begins tonight with the double-episode premiere of Galavant, a musical comedy that subverts every fairy tale stereotype with unrestrained glee. Joshua Sasse plays Galavant, our hero, with all due swagger and swashbuckling. A celebrated – and quite handsome – knight of the realm, Galavant falls for the beautiful Madalena, played by Mallory Jansen. The ... Read More »

GALAVANT: Rutger Hauer to Recur King Richard’s Brother

The guest cast of Galavant just keeps getting better! ABC’s midseason musical comedy snagged Rutger Hauer for a recurring role as King Richard’s brother. The show tells the story of a knight, Galavant (Joshua Sasse), who loses the love of his life to the dastardly King Richard (Psych’s Timothy Omundson) and seeks revenge upon the king to win her back. According ... Read More »

GALAVANT: Ricky Gervais to Guest Star

Galavant just keeps getting better! EW announced today that ABC’s mid-season musical comedy has snagged Ricky Gervais for a guest starring role as a wizard named Xanax. Really. The series stars Joshua Sasse as the titular hero, who sets out on a quest for revenge against the king for stealing his true love—all set to music. Gervais will play a ... Read More »

GALAVANT: John Stamos Shares Photo from the Set

John Stamos is a giver. Love advice, great hair, rockin’ to the oldies, yogurt, and now a photo from the set of Galavant where he’s filming a (possibly recurring) guest star spot on ABC’s mid-season musical comedy. Check him out in his “heavy” armor. Lovely day, great cast and crew, heavy outfit! @GalavantABC @KarenDavid @luke_youngblood @Dan_Fogelman @joshuasasse — John ... Read More »