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The Shannara Chronicles Season 3 News

Shannara fans, it has unfortunately been announced that the Paramount Network (the soon to be new identity of Spike) declined to pick up The Shannara Chronicles for a 3rd season. While not all hope is lost – the show has been resurrected before by a new network – and the show is supposedly being “shopped around” to other homes, its ... Read More »

Advanced Review: The Magicians Season 3 Premiere Episode

This coming Wednesday, the third season of the Syfy fantasy drama The Magicians will air its season premiere. When last we were with the budding Brakebills students and reigning kings and queens of the magical world of Fillory, their worlds were in turmoil. • Eliot and Margo were dealing with the impending occupation of Fillory by the fairies and the ... Read More »

EXCLUSIVE: The Magicians’ Brittany Curran on season 3

Season 3 of The Magicians premieres on January 10th, with the gang on a quest to “bring magic back” to Fillory. Brittany Curran plays Fen, Eliot’s Fillorian wife; her character was recently promoted from recurring to season regular.  Curran is best known for her recurring roles on the shows Chicago Fire and Twisted and was a series regular on Men of a Certain Age.  ... Read More »

Exclusive: 11 Questions with OUAT’s Mekia Cox

Mekia Cox is the latest addition to the Once Upon A Time family, making her debut this season playing Sabine/Princess Tiana. As fate would have it, this role is not Mekia’s first experience with Disney – it was actually where her career got its start when she was still in elementary school. In the years between her Disney experiences, Mekia’s ... Read More »

THE SHANNARA CHRONICLES: We Salute the Dearly Departed

Since the second season finale of The Shannara Chronicles two weeks ago, I’ve been reflecting on the series. One of the more shocking things this season was the body count. While the first season of the show was definitely violent, this season seemed even more so and the deaths hurt that much more because they were characters that we really ... Read More »


Somehow, we are at the end of another season of The Shannara Chronicles that quickly! Let’s hope that we don’t have to wait so long for the next one (the show has not been renewed for season 3 yet)! Episode 2.10 Blood The Warlock Lord kills Allanon as Wil and Mareth watch. Cogline reminds them that they are the only ... Read More »

THE SHANNARA CHRONICLES: Highlights from Wilderun

With only one more episode to go after this one, the fight is looking more and more daunting as evil seems to have the upper hand. Wilderun Jax and Slanter rescue Allanon and Mareth before they are burnt at the stake and they head to Greymark to prevent the Warlock Lord from getting the codex (which of course is entirely too ... Read More »

THE SHANNARA CHRONICLES: Highlights from Warlock & Amberle

Another Shannara doubleheader! As the second season winds down, once again the fight is looking more and more daunting as evil seems to have the upper hand. Warlock Queen Tamlin surrenders to Riga to allow time for Lyria and Eretria to escape (with the jewel that opens Heaven’s Well) and they hide in the old police station where Cogline had ... Read More »