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MALEFICENT: Angelina Jolie on Becoming Maleficent {VIDEO}

The complexities of Maleficent are revealed when Disney’s greatest villain is released on Blu-ray and Digital HD November 4. To see how Angelina brought this complex character to life, we wanted to share a bonus clip titled, “Complexities of Maleficent.” Pre-order your copy of Maleficent here! Read More »

MALEFICENT: Elle Fanning on Becoming Aurora {VIDEO}

Maleficent is coming to Blu-ray and Digital HD November 4. To celebrate, we wanted to share a bonus clip titled, “Aurora: Becoming a Beauty.” In this clip, Elle Fanning talks about playing the beautiful Princess Aurora and what the character means to her. Pre-order your copy of Maleficent here! Read More »

Enter to Win MALEFICENT on Blu-ray!

Disney’s Maleficent is coming to on Blu-ray and Digital HD November 4, and we’re giving away a copy right here on The Fairy Tale Site! Angelina Jolie stars as Maleficent, giving us insight into the supposed villain that will turn the entire Sleeping Beauty story upside down. We meet Maleficent as a tiny child, a fairy who is both sweet and fiercely ... Read More »

Full Hi-Res Photo Gallery from Disney’s MALEFICENT

Walt Disney Pictures has released a wonderful collection of hi-res photos from their upcoming film, Maleficent, which opens May 30th in theaters. You can already see that this movie will be visually gorgeous! Angelina Jolie leads a cast that will ensure a box office hit to kick off the summer. These photos offer up a look at the three fairies played ... Read More »

Disney Releases New Trailer for MALEFICENT [Video]

Disney Pictures has just released a new movie trailer for the upcoming Maleficent, opening May 30th. In it, we learn that Maleficent (Angelina Jolie) was once a fairy with wings. We also see her casting her dreaded curse on the little princess, Aurora. Watch this fierce clip from the movie. Read More »

New MALEFICENT Trailer Features Darker “Once Upon a Dream” Song

Disney has released another trailer for the upcoming Maleficent and it features an updated, darker version of the song, “Once Upon a Dream”. This one is done by Lana Del Rey and it reflects the dark tone of this story. It’s a haunting, dangerous sound which is so very different from what Tchaikovsky envisioned when he penned the music, I’m ... Read More »

New ‘MALEFICENT’ Trailer Blends the Old with the New

In a brand new trailer for the live-action Disney film, Maleficent, old and new are beautifully blended. Scenes from the original 1359 film melt into this new version of the story and we glimpse the three fairies who gifted the little princess Aurora with her special characteristics: beauty, grace, generosity, song and temperament. The final gift is of sleep to ... Read More »

MALEFICENT: Disney’s Revisionist Narrative?

Sleeping Beauty was the first Disney movie I remember seeing. As a young girl (five or so), it was brought back to the theatres in the late 1980s and I feel in love. Aurora was such a beautiful girl and her story was tragic and then happy in the end. Since then, though, I’ve become a very different woman: I’ve learned and studied ... Read More »

First Photos from Disney’s MALEFICENT had a nice collection of photos from the new Disney film, Maleficent. Watch the first official trailer, which dropped yesterday and read the synopsis. Maleficent opens in theaters May30th, 2014. Read More »