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DOROTHY OF OZ: Clips & Interview

All of the Oz focus lately has been on Sam Raimi’s Oz the Great and Powerful, but although it doesn’t have a release date yet, on the horizon is the CG musical adventure Dorothy of Oz, which was recently featured on The Morning Blend from an NBC affiliate in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Producer Ryan Carroll is interviewed and there’s some new ... Read More »

DOROTHY OF OZ: New Images Released

From Moviefone:”Glee star Lea Michele slips on the ruby slippers for this animated 3D musical update of The Wizard of Oz, directed by Daniel St. Pierre and written by Adam Balsam, Randi Barnes, and Barry Glasser. Kansas has been devastated by tornadoes. Returning home to find the farm in ruins, young Dorothy is transported back to Oz, and embarks on ... Read More »

DOROTHY OF OZ: Behind the Scenes Featurette

Take a trip with various crew members behind the scenes of the CG animated musical adventure Dorothy of Oz as they provide a glimpse of what went into this highly-ambitious production which is designed to be a direct sequel to the events of The Wizard of Oz. Read More »

DOROTHY OF OZ: New Trailer and Poster Art

Looking quite wonderful is the latest trailer for the CG animated musical adventureDorothy of Oz,which should be reaching theatres sometime this year with a voice cast that includes Lea Michelle as Dorothy and Kesley Grammer as the Tin Woodsman. Read More »

DOROTHY OF OZ: Bernadette Peters is Glinda

Veteran actress Bernadette Peters, who played the role of Glinda in Broadway’s Wicked, is going to be taking on the character again ony this time in the CG musical film Dorothy of Oz. One of the film’s directors, Will Finns, enthuses, “To have Bernadette Peters as Glinda is such a treat. She epitomizes the character who is known by Oz ... Read More »

ET PHONE OZ: First Look at the CG Dorothy of Oz

Although there hasn’t been a lot of publicity generated about the forthcoming CG musical adventure Dorothy of Oz, Entertainment Tonight has scored a report on the film in the form of this “first look” featuring Glee’s Lea Michele, who provides the voice for Dorothy. Read More »

DOROTHY OF OZ: Cast & Crew Video Interviews

The CG musical Dorothy of Oz (featuring the voice of Glee’s Lea Michele as Ms. Gale) will be reaching theatres later this year. Last summer a number of cast members as well as the film’s director made an appearance at San Diego Comic-Con, and what follows are some video interviews with them as well as an intro to the film ... Read More »