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4.14 Bad Luck This week’s episode started just where the last one left off – with Nick reeling at Juliette’s revelation that she’s now a hexenbiest. And *shockingly* he’s not happy that she 1) didn’t tell him right away 2) told Renard before him. (Frankly, I’m kind of surprised that she hasn’t told Rosalee!). He leaves the house for some ... Read More »


Oh boy, Grimmsters, after 5 long weeks of leaving us hanging after the Biestfight of the century, Grimm returns this Friday with a new episode, titled Bad Luck. We’ve seen the episode, and you won’t want to miss it! We see Nick struggle to come to grips with Juliette’s biestly revelation and a Wesen of the Week story that gives ... Read More »

GRIMM RECAP: Too Hot to Handle

GRIMM 4.13 Trial By Fire Hank, Wu, and Nick investigate the deaths of two teenage employees of a sporting goods store. They had been drinking after the store closed and got caught in the inferno when a Wesen who can turn himself into a fireball (an Excandesco) torches the store. Not surprisingly, the path that the fire took through the ... Read More »

GRIMM RECAP: Unleash the Biest

Grimm 4.12 Marechaussee A woman goes to a medium/communicator to talk to her late husband. To her surprise, the medium turns into a fox/wolf thing, and then seems to be channeling her husband. She pays them $1500 and leaves with the plan to come back the next week. It’s not going to happen, though, because they get another visitor – ... Read More »

GRIMM RECAP: Shocking in more ways than one

After two pretty intense episodes, some might have expected this episode to be a letdown, but I really enjoyed it because it wasn’t all fast and heavy and had everything that Grimm should, apparently – a bizarro death caused by a bizarro Wesen, plenty of humor, and Juliette having a very bad day and not telling Nick about some really ... Read More »

GRIMM RECAP: Hate crimes

GRIMM 4.10 Tribunal Things are looking…ahem…grim for Monroe as he faces the Wesenrein tribunal, which seems to be a combination of a trial, religious ceremony, and KKK rally. Apparently there are not only “laws” against marrying Wesen outside one’s own species, but also for befriending Grimms (so apparently this has been a previous issue?!). Meanwhile, Team Grimm still has no ... Read More »

GRIMM RECAP: Wesenrein

GRIMM 4.9 Wesenrein Hank and Nick bail Wu out of the drunk tank and take him out to the trailer with him apparently wondering if they are going to try to kill him somewhere along the way. His curiosity overcomes his fear, though, so he finally gets indoctrinated into the world of Wesen and Grimms. They explain that Nick and ... Read More »

GRIMM RECAP: Things go from bad to worse

GRIMM 4.08 Chupacabra Monroe and Rosalee are finally packing to go on their honeymoon, but he’s worried about leaving. Rosalee tells him that they have to trust that the others can get by without them for a few days or they will never go. We find out right away that Juliette isn’t pregnant as her and Nick share a few ... Read More »

GRIMM RECAP: Merry Mayhem

Grimm 4.07 The Grimm Who Stole Christmas Monroe’s once again transformed their house into a Christmas wonderland (maybe it’s just me, but it seems less tacky this year than last!). He uses his train set to deliver an invitation to Rosalee to finally go on their honeymoon. Hank, Nick, and Trubel continue to investigate the Wesen that are threatening Monroe ... Read More »

GRIMM: The Grimm That Stole Christmas Sneak Peek

Tomorrow’s the big day – the Grimm Christmas episode. We know from past years that Monroe doesn’t mess around when it comes to holiday decorating and this week’s ep is going to introduce us to a trio of very Gremlin-like Wesen who are bent on destroying Monroe and Rosalee’s lovingly decked house. Things get pretty crazy when Rosalee and Juliette ... Read More »