The Magicians Recap: “A Life in the Day”

The Magicians Recap: “A Life in the Day”

A new episode of The Magicians aired last night on Syfy, focusing on a new journey that Quentin and Eliot went on to find the next key while Kady was dealing with being in rehab and Alice and Julia try to determine how Julia still has magic.

The tagline for the episode entitled “A Life in the Day” is as follows:

“Julia helps Alice navigate a personal crisis; Quentin and Eliot go on an adventure.”

They Tried to Make Me Go to Rehab

Honestly Kady didn’t have a choice in going to rehab, as did it to herself when, filled with grief, she overdosed after Penny died. Sure, the audience knew that Penny wasn’t completely dead but stuck in the astral plane, but she was completely unaware of his circumstances. That is until Alice showed up at Krick Memorial with one of the discovered keys that allowed Penny to be seen by the person holding the key. Obviously Kady didn’t take it very well when she learned the power of the key. Worse yet when she attempted to get out of rehab that backfired on her as she was caught and drugged.

I can’t imagine things are going to get better with her any time soon.

A Marriage of Inconvenience

Queen Margo found herself in a less than desirable position: a marriage of inconvenience. Sure her betrothed was Prince Micah from the Tribe of the Floating Mountain (that is no longer floating), but she seemed more than amendable to the forced pact because Micah is handsome. Unfortunately, Micah’s younger brother had an ulterior motive, taking out his older brother just as he said, “I do,” forcing a tradition that was very less than pleasing to Margo. She had to marry the younger brother despite his just committing murder seconds before.

There is NO way that Margo is going to continue with this farce of a marriage, right?

Assembling the Mosaic

The latest quest to discover the location of the next key found Quentin and Eliot traveling to Fillory of the past via the grandfather clock where they worked for days, months, years and even decades attempting to piece together a mosaic that would depict the “beauty of all life.” Not an easy feat to master to say the least because they spent a lifetime trying to figure out that damn, colorful puzzle box, creating their own little family. Quentin ended up married to a fruit peddler, they had a son together, and when she passed away, Quentin and Eliot ended up raising the boy together. When Eliot died of old age, Quentin began to dig his grave and found the missing piece to the puzzle.

Thankfully, Margo came to the rescue, going back in time to stop them from traveling to Fillory. But both Eliot and Quentin had a crazy déjà vu moment once they were back in the Fillory of the present that was pretty priceless.

Get Your Magic On

Since the beginning of the season, it has been clear that magic doesn’t exist anymore; but somehow Julia still has a glimmer of magic left. Tonight it was discovered how and why she still has it. It would seem that Reynard’s mother – Our Lady Underground – when giving Julia her shade back left behind Reynard’s magic, which is now Julia’s magic.

What does that mean for her? And will she and Alice attempt to transfer that magic? Is that even possible?

What did you think of the episode? Please share your thoughts below.

The next episode of The Magicians will air on Syfy on Wednesday, February 14 at 8/7c.

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