The Magicians “Be the Penny”: The Best and Worst of Penny’s Death

The Magicians “Be the Penny”: The Best and Worst of Penny’s Death

Last night’s episode of The Magicians – in my honest opinion – was SO much better than last week’s gross fest with that damn Lamprey wreaking havoc on Alice, her parents and Quentin. Sadly this week’s episode focused on the death of Penny. Sure the guy might not be loved overmuch by his fellow – albeit former – students at Brakebills, but any death is sad. The only problem is Penny projected himself into the astral plane just before his passing and now he is stuck. So, this whole, crazy episode was more like a very twisted small screen version of Ghost except on prosaic or something.

Best Parts

Because of all the jumping around that Penny did, he got to see every single character no matter where they were: whether it was Quentin and Julia trying to figure out where the second key was located; Eliot and his family ending up in the Netherworld where the remnants of the library (and some creepy-assed cannibals have taken over); Margo on the ship with Benedict and Tick; Kady nearly OD’ing in one of the bedrooms at the dorm at Brakebills or paying a visit to board of directors member Irene McAllister.

Penny taking out the ghost father of that 1940’s Brakebills student who was the recipient of the second key. He was finally able to reach out and touch someone although it didn’t get him any closer to letting someone from the “group” know that his astral projection is lingering around.

Penny trying unsuccessfully for three years to “be the penny” – yeah, literally he was trying to become a copper penny and was only able to do it once he got so angry that his projection leapt into the penny. He was less successful with the bunny on Eliot’s ship; and honestly that would have been SO weird. It was bad (and also a bit funny) to see him embody that clay version of Margo that the creepy kid from the dorm created awhile back. Quentin’s reaction to that whole situation was priceless.

Worst Part

Penny having to choose between his body becoming a funeral pyre OR it being consumed by a corpse eater so he could enter the Underworld. Honestly neither of those options were good, but he chose to “be the candle” that Kady was going to use on his body. He at least made the decision that she couldn’t. [Thank God, though, we saw in the last moment of the episode that his astral projection is still lingering.]

Yeah, that’s all I got for the worst part of his death. Like I said this was a twisted small screen version of Ghost except on prosaic or something.

What are your thoughts on last night’s episode? Please share them below.

The next episode of The Magicians will air on Syfy on Wednesday, February 7 at 8/7c.

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