The Magicians “Heroes and Morons”: My 17 Thoughts on What Happened

The Magicians “Heroes and Morons”: My 17 Thoughts on What Happened

The second episode of the third season of The Magicians aired last night, finding the Brakebills kids attempting to find the magical batteries created by Mayakovsky in the hopes that will bring magic back to the world. Meanwhile in Fillory, Eliot set sail in order to retrieve the first of the seven keys that will hopefully unlock magic.

It was another lavish episode – have you guys really looked at all the costumes worn by the people in Fillory, especially the ones worn by Queen Margo? – as well as a topsy turvy episode as Quentin, Julia and Josh seek out clues in finding the magical batteries.

Here are my thoughts as the episode entitled “Heroes and Morons” played out:

1. The opening scene of the episode, as Quentin read the first chapter of the Tale of the Seven Keys, felt like that scene in the Harry Potter movie where Hermoine told the story of the three brothers and their wishes.

2. How did Mayachovsky get turned into a bear?

3. Oh sure, the team enlists Kady in order to track down said bear because Julia has been banned from the Hedge Bars.

4. How dumb is Emily? She married Mayachovsky. She really must be in love with him or just really drunk and a bit stupid. Sure, I get it that she’s in love, but after what he did to her, why would you marry the guy?

5. That is one crazy boat. The Muntjac has an actually beating heart and a personality. Did it also seem to you viewers that the Muntjac is a little like the Tardis – bigger on the inside?! And how cool is it that Roger Cross (from Dark Matter and SO many other shows) is the Admiral of the boat!

6. Is anyone buying that Fray is the daughter of Finn and Eliot? Sure, she’s an obvious plant of the Fairy Queen – they didn’t hide that fact at all – but is she really their progeny?

7. How much do you LOVE the pop culture comments shared between Margo and Eliot? Last week’s pop-culture messages shared between the King and Queen of Fillory was priceless; and they were at it again this week. The best part was Margo explaining that Buffy’s sister “was never a baby, she just appeared out of nowhere.” Even better was her immediate comment after that. I laughed so hard. Did you guys?

8. Regardless of their quips and crazy conversations, Margo was actually holding back her emotions in saying goodbye to Eliot – except for that little chin quiver. Did you see that?

9. Did anyone expect it was Professor Lipson who was behind the orge in the park?

10. Oh, by the way – what was the deal with Alice needing that little baby cat? Delayed reaction on my part. [More on that shortly]

11. So Professor Lipson is on the ledge – literally – and she was the one who helped Mayachovsky get the materials for the magical batteries. What? Did I miss something? They were involved too? How many women did he seduce? And why would they be interested in him? It couldn’t be his sparkling personality, as he always came off as a douche any time he has been featured. Or is that just my opinion?

12. Oh, by the way – what was the deal with that “thing” taking over the construction guy? Is it the Lamprey that is hunting Alice? [More on that shortly, too.]

13. Emily turned her husband into the bear? Why?!

14. Kudos to Kady for taking Emily’s battery to save Penny, but to what end? What if it doesn’t work? This is the world of The Magicians. Magic doesn’t always work and not always the way the user wants either.

15. Eliot – with the help of Finn and their supposed daughter Fray – figured out that the first golden key was not what as stopping that shadow bat from attacking the people on After Island – it was actually Father Poe, who wanted to be their ruler. Eliot got what he wanted/needed and Father Poe got what he deserved.

16. So the Tale of the Seven Keys book adds another chapter once a key has been located – that’s sure how it seemed, right? That’s cool! I’m sure the quest is only going to get more difficult from here on out though.

17. Oh, by the way, that poor little cat! Alice obviously got it to help her predict when the Lamprey was nearby; but now that it seems to have possessed Quentin – holy crap it’s possessed Quentin. And if it’s not the Lamprey – what could it be?!! It has to be the Lamprey, right?

What are your thoughts on last night’s episode? Please share them below. The next episode of The Magicians will air on Syfy on Wednesday, January 24 at 8/7c.

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