The Magicians: A Whole Lot of Gross Going On

The Magicians: A Whole Lot of Gross Going On

The third season of The Magicians has been focused on the quest of the Kings and Queens of Fillory attempting to find a way to get magic back. In order to do that King Eliot – along with his wife Fen and their supposed daughter Fray – undertook a quest to find the seven keys.

Eliot found the first key in last week’s episode, but this week’s episode was a bit more, well, let’s just say gross. In fact, there was a whole lot of gross going on throughout the episode, specifically the latter part of episode.

Last night’s episode entitled “The Losses of Magic” started out innocuous enough with Eliot and his minions on board the boat as they continued on his quest while Alice made a long-held-off visit to her parents after coming back from being dead (aka being a Niffin).

From there, though, it descended into one gross scene after another. Maybe that was just how I saw the episode, but it just kept getting worse and worse in terms of the level of gross-ness.

Here is how I saw the episode:

1. I was waiting for that poor little kitten to explode right in Alice’s arms – thankfully that didn’t happen, but…
2. Alice was re-introduced to Carol, a friend of her mother Stephanie, who had been using magic to hide the fact that she has a problem with her weight. Alice was quickly convinced that the Lamprey had possessed Carol so she tied the poor woman up with duct tape and then electrocuted her.
3. Quentin unexpectedly showed up at Alice’s parents’ house and her dad thought he saw something move inside Quentin’s neck. Alice immediately believed it was the Lamprey so she wrapped herself in cellophane to retrieve a battery from her dad’s garage – that wasn’t so much gross as just ridiculous, right?
4. The Lamprey was obviously loose inside the house, but now it was trying to figure out whose body it now possessed; it ended up being inside Alice’s dad Daniel’s body. She had to electrocute him and once the Lamprey was out of her dad’s body she killed it. Gross and more gross!
5. Then there were the pirates who took over Eliot’s ship because the pirate’s boat wanted to get it on with Eliot’s boat – the world of Fillory and magic is one jacked up place, wouldn’t you say?
6. The Fairy Queen killing all of the pirates because of the impassioned “talk” Queen Margo had with the heart of Eliot’s boat – this will be a warning for the next time Margo tries to go against the Fairy Queen
7. Margo squashing her eyeball – the one lifted from the Fairy Queen by Tick – before giving it back to her – that was a visual I could have done without!
8. Let’s not forget Stephanie making a move on Quentin while he was all wrapped up in cellophane to protect himself from the Lamprey. Consenting adults, really?
9. Then there was the reveal by Alice that not only would the Lamprey leave behind eggs inside its victims that would hatch, feast on their brains and then eat the carcass (glad we didn’t see a visual of that!) but also what she did to the Lamprey and its family while she was a Niffin (another instance where I’m so glad we didn’t have to see that).
10. Kady and Julia summoned a demon to pull out the cancer in Penny – that huge glob that the demon would “keep for later” – Yuck! – only to have [if you haven’t watched the episode DO NO READ ANY FURHTER – you have been warned!!] him die – WTH?! Oh, and Penny projected himself outside of his body while the demon was basically dissecting him and is now trapped outside of his body. That’s not gross, but it’s going to be good for Penny either.
11. Daniel collapsed in one of the final scenes of the episode – that part wasn’t gross – but the fact that Alice just stood there was upsetting.

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The next new episode of The Magicians will air on Syfy on Wednesday, January 31 at 9/8c.

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