THE SHANNARA CHRONICLES: We Salute the Dearly Departed

THE SHANNARA CHRONICLES: We Salute the Dearly Departed

Since the second season finale of The Shannara Chronicles two weeks ago, I’ve been reflecting on the series. One of the more shocking things this season was the body count. While the first season of the show was definitely violent, this season seemed even more so and the deaths hurt that much more because they were characters that we really cared about or because of the way that they died. So, here’s our salute to the dearly (and sometimes deservedly) departed. If you haven’t seen the entire second season, we encourage you to stop reading and catch up first because there will be spoilers aplenty!

The Deservedly Departed

Bandon – what a complicated, tragic character! Forsaken by his family, he couldn’t keep the evil at bay and became a pawn of the greater evil, which of course did not end up providing him any benefit. Part of me feels bad for him, then the other part reminds me of all the awful things he did.

General Riga – while Riga’s death was extremely brutal, it would be hard to argue that it wasn’t deserved after the horror he and his men inflicted upon so many innocents. While it was kind of fitting that the Warlock Lord treated Riga as he, in turn, had treated others, it deprived other characters, such as Jax, the change to take him out and avenge some of his sins.

The Warlock Lord – another demon lord bites the dust in a Shannara finale, but is he really permanently dead? On the positive side, other than the sword, it seemed like all of his parts are actually gone this time, not to be resurrected. The whole Allanon-likeness was way too creepy, so good riddance, hopefully forever. Although I doubt he’ll be the last demon we see.


The Dearly Departed

King Ander – A reluctant King he might have been, but he eventually owned it, even as far as to be willing to wed Lyria for political purposes. And then, before they were even officially wed, he died protecting her from Riga.

Queen Tamlin – without a doubt she made some mistakes, but I do think she did what she thought was right for her kingdom and in the end, she was willing to die to give Lyria the chance to escape with the key to Heaven’s Gate and the chance to save Leah.

Flick Ohmsford – if only Wil had accepted that there was no way his uncle was going to survive Bandon’s plan, he could have prevented the resurrection of the Warlock Lord. Flick saw the writing on the wall, though, and was willing to sacrifice himself, even though his sacrifice proved to be in vain.

Catania – her death was the most unexpected and senseless. Catania’s only crime was her loyalty to Ander and potentially her kindness to Bandon. And having Ander’s trusted friend not only betray him, but also kill her was stunning. It got even worse when the Warlock Lord brought her back for Bandon, only to make him kill her again (not that a life living with Bandon or the WL would have been a life).

Allanon – after all the times Allanon seemed to be near death only to recover, I’m not sure if I believe that this time it is permanent, although they definitely foreshadowed for a while that his death was coming and would be final. At the very least, I can see him having a role in season 3, if the show is renewed, similar to Amberlee’s – appearing to Mareth +/- Wil and offering them counsel.

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