Somehow, we are at the end of another season of The Shannara Chronicles that quickly! Let’s hope that we don’t have to wait so long for the next one (the show has not been renewed for season 3 yet)!

Episode 2.10 Blood

The Warlock Lord kills Allanon as Wil and Mareth watch. Cogline reminds them that they are the only ones who can stop the Warlord, and they must be together. They are running out of time.

Eretria presents Lyria and the elf stone to the Warlock. Eretria goes into Leah to make sure that the spillways are left open and the Warlock uses the jewel and Lyria to open the passageway to Heaven’s Well. He cuts his own wrist, dripping the blood into the well, where it spreads across the lake, and down the falls as evil Eretria managed to sabotage the spillway controls.

Cogline and Jax manage to immobilize Eretria and Cogline performs some old Druid exorcism on her to free the wraith which is then destroyed.

Wil and Mareth fight the Warlock, not very successfully – he’s just too powerful. Wil is disarmed and then run through by the Warlock’s blade. Mareth channels her magic and Allanon’s memory to get the sword of Shannara back to Wil and he uses it to kill the Warlock. It’s too late, though, as the Warlock’s blood has already poisoned all the water and Wil seems mortally wounded. However, as Wil’s own blood drips into the well, he realizes that it is the antidote.

He tells Mareth that only he can fix the water. She doesn’t want him to sacrifice, but he knows it is the only way. They kiss, and he throws himself into the well and doesn’t come back up. We see the bloody water all turn back to clear as his blood spreads.

Some hours/days later, Lyria is made queen of Leah and Jax her general. Eretria tells her that she needs to get her darkness under control before they can be together.

Mareth, Eretria, and Cogline take Allanon’s sword and Mareth returns it to the stone. She is carrying the elf stones, and they start glowing and she realizes that Wil is still alive.

We see Wil, quite alive, lying amidst a lot of skeletons, with wraiths or some other demons swarming above.


Wow! What an emotional end to a tense season! My thoughts:

  • Where the heck is Wil? Apparently, there are still many places full of demons. I can’t tell you how relieved I am that he’s still alive!
  • I hate that Eretria was made to be such a big part of the Warlock’s plan. I guess Wil saved them all in the end, so her part mattered less, but I still hate that plot point.
  • We didn’t hear or see anything related to Mareth and her being queen of Arborlon now.
  • It’s weird to think of Allanon being gone for good – he’s been so critical since the very beginning and has come back from near dead so many times.
  • They clearly set things up for a third season, although the show has not yet been renewed.
  • I love that Jax redeemed himself and became such an ally.

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