THE SHANNARA CHRONICLES: Highlights from Wilderun

THE SHANNARA CHRONICLES: Highlights from Wilderun

With only one more episode to go after this one, the fight is looking more and more daunting as evil seems to have the upper hand.


Jax and Slanter rescue Allanon and Mareth before they are burnt at the stake and they head to Greymark to prevent the Warlock Lord from getting the codex (which of course is entirely too late!)

Bandon tells the Warlock that he resurrected him so that no one would ever be able to hurt him again. The Warlock gives him the Codex, he then turns on the Warlock but it is short-lived as the Warlock kills him. Mareth, Jax, and Allanon arrive and find Bandon’s body and Riga’s head. They split up – Mareth and Allanon to find Lyria and Jax and Slanter to Leah to protect the well.

Cogline explains to Lyria why she must hide for now and tells her that the jewel given to her by her mother is an elf stone that will help keep the Warlock Lord from seeing her.

The Warlock Lord realizes his connection with Eretria and she tells Wil her secret and he assures her that she is strong enough to hold off the darkness. They both travel to Cogline’s community, where they met up with Allanon and Mareth as well as Cogline and Lyria. Cogline tells Wil that he was the one that made the sword.

Lyria proposes to Eretria and the Warlock is able to see where they are. Eretria goes to Cogline and asks him to help her fight the Warlock’s influence, but he tells her that she may not be able to and encourages her not to get closer.

Allanon basically tells Wil that after everything is done, he should hook up with Mareth. Wil tells Mareth that Ander is dead and so now she is the rightful queen, which isn’t what she wants to hear.

The Warlock Lord attacks Cogline’s settlement and he and Allanon come face-to-face. They fight, with Cogline and then Mareth joining in. Meanwhile, Lyria, Wil, and Eretria hide in a shipping container that Cogline has modified to keep out wraiths. Wil goes to leave and Eretria attacks him and Lyria. She fights the darkness for a bit, but then is overcome again and steals Lyria’s elf stone protector and opens the door of the crate, where she is immediately taken over by a wraith.

Our thoughts:

  • I really hate this whole storyline about Eretria and the darkness inside her. Once she turned from a villain to a beloved character, I was content to let her stay that way.
  • It seems like once again evil is nearly unstoppable
  • Bandon is such a tragic figure. He turned on the only people that ever treated him well and then had his loyalty rewarded with death by the Warlock Lord. He did plenty of evil things, but I still feel bad for him

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