THE SHANNARA CHRONICLES: Highlights from Warlock & Amberle

THE SHANNARA CHRONICLES: Highlights from Warlock & Amberle

Another Shannara doubleheader! As the second season winds down, once again the fight is looking more and more daunting as evil seems to have the upper hand.


Queen Tamlin surrenders to Riga to allow time for Lyria and Eretria to escape (with the jewel that opens Heaven’s Well) and they hide in the old police station where Cogline had imprisoned the wraith for Eretria. Eretria has another vision of Amberle, telling her that she must get Wil to the Ellcrys as he is their only hope.

Tamlin and Jax refuse to pledge allegiance to Riga and Tamlin commits suicide before he can execute her.

Bandon goes to Graymark and kills all of Riga’s men, claiming the fortress for the Warlock Lord, who he then resurrects. And weirdly enough, the guy looks a lot like Allanon – apparently, that’s what happens when it is his blood that is part of the resurrection.

Mareth attempts a risky plan to save Allanon – entering into his dream (ahem…coma) state and pulling him back out. She finds him, but he’s not quite ready to come back to the living.  He needs to find someone first – his mentor, who tells him that he must train Mareth, and gives him a sword. They both wake up and Allanon’s runes start to disappear from his neck and show up on Mareth – his power weakening and hers growing. He gives her the sword and she begins her training with how to fight.

Eretria tells Wil about her vision and that Ander is dead. They realize that Mareth is the next in line for the throne of Arborlon


Wil and Eretria arrive in Arborlon to find that everyone who was protecting the Ellcrys has been slaughtered by the Crimson. Wil goes to the Ellcrys and is allowed inside. Amberle tells him that the sword of Shannara is the Warlock Lord’s only weakness and he shows her that the sword has broken. Wil tells her that when the sword struck the Warlock’s blade, he saw a vision of them all dying. Amberle tells him that the sword broke because he wasn’t ready to face the truth. His dad then comes to him and tells him he failed because he wasn’t willing to sacrifice his life. Wil realizes that he has to let go of Amberle to move forward and when he tells her this, the sword is restored.

Allanon tells Mareth that he needs to sleep (like he did for years before the events of season 1) and if he can’t do it soon (before the runes all go, presumably), he will die. He also tells her that love makes her weak.

Bandon asks the Warlock Lord for a favor – he’s been keeping Catania’s body (ewww!) and wants him to bring her back. Because of course there is no way that her resurrection ends badly… So, for a few minutes she’s back, and terrified of him, but then the Warlock Lord possesses her and takes her for himself. He then gives Bandon similar advice on love to what Allanon told Mareth and has him prove himself by killing Catania…again.

Riga finds out about Mareth and the codex and that they are in Storlock. They capture Mareth and force Allanon to turn over the codex to get her back but of course, Riga won’t give her back. Riga tells his men to kill them, then goes back to Graymark where he and his men are killed by the Warlock Lord. The Warlock asks Bandon if Queen Tamlin had a child and he and Bandon go in pursuit of Lyria and Heaven’s Well.

Eretria gets caught by the Crimson after rescuing a few elves and is “rescued” when the Crimson soldiers are killed by wraiths. One of them possesses her. Wil finds her with blood on her hands – she’s killed the rest of the Chosen – and doesn’t realize that she’s not herself.

Allanon and Mareth are about to be burned at the stake – the fire is lit…

Our thoughts on the episodes:

  • The death toll rises yet again and this episode was particularly bloody. While I’m not crying over Riga, his death was particularly unnecessarily gruesome
  • How are Mareth and Allanon going to escape this one?
  • Was Bandon’s only reason for bringing back the Warlock Lord to bring back Catania, or was that an afterthought?
  • I feel like there are two underlying themes in this series – destiny, and human folly. All the bad stuff happens because the main characters do dumb things (e.g. Wil getting the skull for Bandon). Eventually, those who are destined to be heroes figure it out and then manage to save whoever hasn’t already been killed. Sometimes I feel like yelling at the TV to warn the characters!

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