THE SHANNARA CHRONICLES: Highlights from Crimson and Paranor

THE SHANNARA CHRONICLES: Highlights from Crimson and Paranor

This week, we got treated to a Shannara doubleheader and there was no shortage of action!


Having retrieved the Sword of Shannara, Wil, Allanon and Mareth head to Paranor to meet with Bandon to try to rescue Flick. Allanon tells Mareth that she needs to stay behind, which of course doesn’t sit well with her. In Paranor, Bandon infects Flick with a deadly virus – he’ll give them the cure only after he has the skull. Mareth shows up (she and Allanon lied to Wil so that Bandon couldn’t read his thoughts) and Bandon and Allanon end up locked up in a Druid cell that prevents them from using magic. Allanon asks Mareth to free him, leaving Bandon, but Wil is unwilling to give up on Flick and convinces Mareth to help him find the skull to try to save his uncle. They both put their hands into a stone pillar which require the blood of a Druid and a Shannara (which confirms Mareth’s parentage by not killing her) and both of them are transported to Wil’s hometown…when his father was a boy. They look for the skull, but get tangled up in the relationship between Wil’s father and mother in a classic “don’t screw up the past and prevent your own birth” scenario.

We finally find out that Tamlin made a deal with the Warlock Lord to protect her people. When he comes back, he’s going to make good on the deal to drink from the magic water that has made the kingdom of Leah so powerful.

Jax leaves Eretria and shortly after she’s attacked by the Crimson. Cogline saves her and finally tells her about her history – her mother was a hybrid – not all human. She was lethally wounded by a demon and young Eretria was entrusted to him to raise. Because she’s not all human, Eretria is at risk of being influenced by evil. Cogline wants to try to train her to resist, so he captured a wraith for her to practice control.

Lyria and Ander get to know each other better and she agrees to work with him, handing over one of General Riga’s top men that the Leahans had captured.

Meanwhile, Jax goes back to visit a friend’s wife and child who he’s been caring for since his friend’s death. While he’s there, the Crimson (who presumably followed him) arrives and kills his friend’s young son.


Lyria and Ander decide to marry “for the common good” and to keep Eretria safe. They agree to be friends and partners in saving both of their kingdoms. Queen Tamlin decides that she’s done with Riga – apparently, she had formed an alliance with him because getting rid of magic would increase the weapons that her kingdom could sell. She sends Jax to go kill Riga, but he is unsuccessful and nearly gets killed himself.

Wil tells his father that he’s his son and gets heavily involved in his parents’ lives, disobeying every rule about time travel in every TV show, book, or movie EVER. They struggle to convince his father of his destiny. Mareth and Wil finally locate the skull but then the wraiths attack, and his father is injured and Wil has to use the elf stones to heal him. As he and Mareth walk back to their stone time traveling thingy, they see young[er] Allanon ride up looking for Wil’s father.

Eretria, not able to find Cogline, kills the wraith that he was keeping for her to practice on just as Jax shows up.

Wil and Mareth return to Paranor with the skull. Allanon and Bandon are still in the cell and growing weak. Mareth lets Bandon out and Wil tells him to heal Flick before he gets the skull. But Flick kills himself to keep the skull out of Bandon’s hands and so Wil and Bandon fight and Wil loses and of course Bandon gets the skull and escapes (yeah, never saw that coming…). They bury Flick and Allanon suddenly falls to the ground – he’s got a bad wound from the Warlock’s blade.

General Riga and his men crash Lyria and Ander’s wedding and it turns into a bloodbath not seen at a wedding since Game of Thrones. Ander dies at Riga’s hand while saving Lyria.

Our thoughts on the episodes:

  • This show has a quite impressive death toll after less than two seasons!
  • Is this it for Allanon, or has he just used up another of his multiple lives?
  • Who will rule Arborlon if Ander is dead?
  • What does Eretria killing the wraith mean?
  • Seriously, how dense can Wil be? There was no way Flick was going to survive and that he was going to keep Bandon from the skull once he found it and brought it back to Paranor!

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