THE SHANNARA CHRONICLES: Highlights from Dweller

THE SHANNARA CHRONICLES: Highlights from Dweller

Season 2, Episode 4 – Dweller


Bandon plays Queen Tamlin a visit, killing her guards and reminding her of a deal that she made with the Warlock Lord many years prior.  Allanon sends a reluctant Eretria along with Garet to warn King Ander about the Queen.

Maresh tells Allanon that he is her father and initially doesn’t get much acknowledgment. Wil insists on trying to rescue his uncle from Bandon, despite the fact that he can barely stand after his torture at Graymark. Allanon has a different plan – he wants them to collect the Sword of Shannara, which is buried with Wil’s father. They go looking for the sword in a subterranean labyrinth and split up and finally Mareth and Allanon have a decent discussion and she admits that her magic hurt a friend and she wants Allanon to train her.

Wil, meanwhile, gets captured by a giant slimy spidery memory-sucking monster during their father-daughter chat. We see through a memory that his father beat him for touching the sword as a child.  The monster grabs Allanon and then Wil escapes and kills it with the elf stones.  They find Wil’s father’s body and retrieve the sword.

Lyria and Ander discuss their situation and Lyria tells him that she loves Eretria, who arrives on cue to warn Ander.  Ander realizes that Dane has betrayed him. They catch him red-handed and he admits that he killed Catania. He is executed along with two of Tamlin’s men who were aligned with the Crimson.

Bandon and Flick spend the night with the family that now lives in Bandon’s parents’ old house. Not knowing who he is, they tell him how awful magic is and tell the story of the evil boy (Bandon) that the previous occupants kept locked in the barn. Bandon reveals himself to the family and then kills their son.

Eretria and Lyria reconcile and Lyria informs her mother that if she marries Ander, it will be on her own terms and she expects better treatment from her.

Our thoughts on the episode:

  • The village Allanon, Eretria and Wil were in at the beginning of the episode looks like the Shire. Wonder if it’s the same set as the show is also filmed in New Zealand?
  • Wil just can’t catch a break! And that memory monster was super disgusting!
  • Can we assume that Lyria will continue to be loyal to Eretria, which should put her on the side of Arborlon/Ander if Ander and she marry?
  • My bet is that Allanon does agree to train Mareth (duh!)
  • How long until we see the sword of Shannara up against the Warlock’s blade?

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