THE SHANNARA CHRONICLES: Highlights from Wraith

THE SHANNARA CHRONICLES: Highlights from Wraith

On this week’s episode, Lyria and Eretria are saved from the Rovers by a bounty hunter who drags Lyria back to her mother, a queen that just happens to be the one that King Ander has gone to, seeking an alliance. The Crimson is getting more and more blatant about their war on magic and Aborlon needs all the allies that it can get. Queen Tamlin suggests that she will be happy to ally herself with Aborlon, so long as Ander will marry Lyria. Eretria manages to get herself to the castle and feels that Lyria has betrayed her.

Wil and Mareth set out together to look for his uncle and her *father* Allanon. Meanwhile, Bandon and followers are doing their best to resurrect the warlock lord by collecting the rest of his body parts and “the Shannara” and Allanon are the only ones who know where his head is hidden, so Wil is now wanted by both Bandon and the wraiths as well as the Crimson. Eretria sets out looking for Wil to warn him about Bandon after seeing The Crimson capture Allanon.

Catania is killed by a member of Ander’s inner circle. The wraiths finally catch up with Wil, Flick, and Mareth and Bandon arrives and tortures Wil until Flick admits he knows where the skull is and Bandon reads it from his mind. He gives Wil three days to find Allanon and bring him back or he’ll kill Flick.

Lots going on in this episode! Here were some of the highlights for us:

Biggest Family Revelations:

  •  Mareth is Amberlee’s cousin and Allanon’s daughter
  •  Lyria is a human princess and not the poor orphan she led Eretria to believe

Best Pop Culture Homage:

  • Bandon’s demons (mord wraiths) travel like Death Eaters from Harry Potter (but with a bit more flame)

Grossest Things:

  • the bounty hunter cutting the Rover’s fingers off
  • the fact that Bandon is trying to collect the head of the warlock to further restore him (the heart was gross enough!)

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