Shannara fans, after a crazy long wait and a network jump, season 2 finally starts tomorrow! Just when it seemed like we couldn’t wait any longer, we were rewarded with a show panel at New York Comic Con this weekend. Attending were Austin Butler (Wil), Ivana Bacaro (Eretria), Manu Bennett (Allanon), Vanessa Morgan (Lyria) and showrunners Al Gough and Miles Millar. They talked about the series, their characters, and also took questions from fans. While we didn’t get to see the entire first episode of season 2, we did get to see part of it what we did see looks great!

Here of some of the highlights from the panel (mild spoilers):

  • Season 2 takes place about a year after the end of season 1
  • Things are not all so hunky dory in Aborlon since the demons were vanquished
  • Wil is sporting a much sexier [we think] hairdo this season
  • The production value of this season is as good as or better than the last with gorgeous scenery and sets (the show films in New Zealand)
  • Most of the cast are Spiderman fans, but Manu Bennett’s favorite superhero is…Indiana Jones! (he then led the audience in a rousing rendition of Indiana’s instrumental theme song)
  • While we will see Amberlee at some point (flashbacks?), there’s a new girl in town, Mareth (Malese Jow) who will make things interesting for Wil as trouble seems to follow her and her motives are unclear. She also is definitely magical.

Check out the full panel below!

The new season starts Wednesday, October 11th, at 10/9c on Spike.

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