Once Upon A Time: Season 7 preview

Once Upon A Time: Season 7 preview

After 6 seasons, the showrunners of Once Upon a Time decided to shake things up – the story had gotten bigger than Storybrooke, Maine. So, season 7 moves across the country to Seattle (the show actually films in nearby Vancouver), 8-10 years after the events at the end of season 6. On Friday, October 6th, we got a sneek peek of the first episode of season 7 a few hours before it aired live, at New York Comic Con, along with a Q&A with creators Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis, along with perennial star, Lana Parrilla.

In that Q&A, we got some semi-spoilery scoop on the new season:

  • The creators consider this season to be a “requel” – part reboot, part sequel
  • A grown-up Henry is looking to find true love
  • The end of season 6 was how they always imagined the show ending, so this is all a bonus and so they decided to have fun with it
  • They promise not to take away anyone’s happy ending
  • Parrilla plays Ronie, a bar-owner who, not unlike Regina, will stand up for herself and for others in her community against a bully
  • We will see some familiar faces in somewhat new roles. In addition to Parrilla,  Colin O’Donoghue (Hook) and Robert Carlyle (Rumplestiltskin) as seen in the first episode, we’ll also see Jennifer Morrison (Emma Swan) in episode 2.
  • We’ll see some less familiar faces as previous characters are brought back in new ways. Specifically, Cinderella (Dania Ramirez) who will clearly play a major role this season, and Alice (from Wonderland, Rose Reynolds) who is coming back because she is one of Kitsis’ favorite stories and “no one watched the spin-off anyway”.

As for the first episode of season 7, here’s what you need to know if you missed it:

  • After finishing the book, Henry headed off back into the story world to basically seek his destiny, but with only a magic bean to get him there, not to get him back
  • Adult Henry (Andrew West) then runs into Cinderella (a new one) literally, on the way to a ball and she then stole his motorcycle after he wrecked her carriage and scared away her horse. She went to the ball planning on killing the prince, but her clearly evil stepmother did the deed for her and framed her, so she had to go on the run. She was supposed to meet up with Henry at a time and place where he knew there would be a portal back to the real world, but she didn’t, instead leaving her glass slipper and so he decided to stay there and look for her.
  • In the real world, adult Henry has a major case of writer’s block when it comes to the novel he’s trying to write. He’s making his money as a Uber-esque type driver in Seattle. His world gets rocked when Lucy, a precocious young girl (Alison Fernandez, are there any other kind on TV?) shows up at his apartment and announces that he is her father. He has no memory of this of course, which she claims is due to the curse.
  • The girl steals Henry’s laptop and when he goes after her, he ends up meeting her mother (the story world’s Cinderella), a single mom trying to make it on her own with her daughter, trying to avoid her very rich and really obnoxious (read:evil) developer stepmother, Victoria Belfry (Gabrielle Anwar).
  • Said stepmother is buying up all the buildings in the area where Ronie’s bar is located, and she initially had decided to sell, before deciding to stand up to her instead.
  • O’Donoghue plays a cop that helps Henry find his stolen car (and the missing Lucy) and is rewarded with a promotion and partnered with a real legend in the department (Carlyle) and even better, seems happy about it! [when will anyone ever learn not to trust Mr Gold in any incarnation?]

Once Upon a Time airs on Fridays, at 8/7c on ABC.

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