Interview: Lore’s Kristin Bauer

Interview: Lore’s Kristin Bauer

Lore is a new series on Amazon Prime based on the popular podcast of the same name. The anthology, in its 6-episode first season, tells the “true” stories of some common myths and legends and other paranormal topics that can’t be easily explained. Each episode brings in a different cast and blends animation, voice-over narration (like the blog) and live action period re-enactments to tell the story. We sat down at New York Comic Con to talk with the podcast creator, Aaron Mahnke, and some of the featured cast. We also visited the “Lore Museum experience” on the show floor. You can check out our video of the museum at our sister site,

We sat down with Kristin Bauer (True Blood) who is featured in episode 6, Unboxed, where she plays the mother of a young boy who has a *very* creepy doll. We talked about the show and her future projects:

Lore is now streaming exclusively for Amazon Prime members

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