AMERICAN GODS Roundtable: Come to Jesus

AMERICAN GODS Roundtable: Come to Jesus

And that concludes the first season of American Gods! What a crazy wonderful, crazy first season. Our thoughts are below, be sure to let us know what you think in the comments.

I feel like things were just getting started at the end – were you all satisfied with this first season? Do you wish more had happened? Do you plan to watch next season?
Given how little I know of the series, I’m satisfied with what happened and how it happened. We had some resolutions, but clearly not all and I want to see more of this trip to Wisconsin next season.
Mynda: I’m with Nancy! “That was the G*d Damn Shit!” Yes, it feels like it is just getting started. American Gods is admittedly not for everyone. It is very much playing the long game, but for this viewer it’s well worth it. Can. Not. Wait. For season two.
Cara: I have been waiting for the show to arrive since it was first announced, and I am not at all disappointed. The show was beautifully made, and the characters were all amazing, intriguing personalities. I’m so excited for season 2 that I think I need to go reread the book to hold me over.
I cannot wait for us to get to the House on the Rock. That place is insane, and I am very excited to see the meeting of the old gods.

Shadow FINALLY admitted to believing in everything! How do you think this will affect the war?
I feel like Odin needs at least one person who believes in everything as a way to increase his power, so Shadow is a powerful tool in this war. It also helps that we watched Easter unleash her power in a way that proves that even with Media and Technology, faith is a tool. Shadow’s faith can give Odin so much more to drive the new from the old.
Mynda: Yes, he believes but where is his FAITH? That is THE key. Methinks its Laura. She is the one wild card Big W didn’t anticipate.
Cara: I think Shadow doesn’t have any choice but to believe with what he’s seen, but I don’t think he’s done questioning this new reality. If nothing, seeing all the Jesuses (Jesi?) has got to be confusing. Shadow knew Jesus, or so he said. But, how how he’ll respond to this new belief and what he’ll do with it is still up in the air. I think he’s definitely still Wednesday’s man though.

It seems that we’ve now been introduced to all the key players in the series. Any favorite/least favorite characters?
I’m warming to the ways of Laura and Mad Sweeney, even if their motives are murky. They intrigue me if nothing else. I’m less intrigued by Technical Boy and his means to his ends.
Mynda: How to choose? It’ is nigh impossible. Which flavor if Jesus is like asking which ice cream you like best. They are all delicious!
Most Favorite: Odin and Easter. The two of them together are magic incarnate! Honorable mention goes to Mad Sweeney. He freaking earned it!
Can someone send him some ice for his poor nether regions?
Least Favorite: Mr. World Praise Jesus he’s dead! Love to hate Technical Boy!
Cara: As Mynda said, there are so many. Shadow, of course, but Mad Sweeney is so much more complex and compelling than he was in the book. I can’t help wanting him to succeed, sorry Laura. Anansi is probably my very favorite though. You can’t go wrong with a good trickster god. Orlando Jones has said that Anansi will be much more prominent in season 2, and that makes my little heart happy.

The show ended with Bilquis presumably on her way to carry out Technology Boy’s orders. I initially thought he might want her to seduce Shadow, but now I’m not so sure. Thoughts?
She could seduce Shadow no question, but I think there’s something else to Technical Boy’s plan. I mean, with Mr. World by his side, there is a bigger and more wide reaching plan.
Mynda: Tekkie Boy is in WAY over his head with Bilquis. She may owe him a bit, but I’ve a feeling he’s gonna wish to escape in her magic va-jay-jay when it’s all said and done.
Cara: Bilquis is such a mystery. I’m not sure what the new gods have planned for her, and I’m not sure that she’s going to do as told. I definitely don’t want to see her go the way of Vulcan.

AMERICAN GODS airs on Starz

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