AMERICAN GODS: “A Murder of Gods” {Roundtable}

AMERICAN GODS: “A Murder of Gods” {Roundtable}

This week on American Gods we met Vulcan (guest star Corbin Bernson), watched the hijinks of Laura (Emily Browning) and Mad Sweeney (Pablo Schreiber), and are not edging closer to what sort of battle Mr. Wednesday (Ian McShane) and the new gods.

Thing One: How do you feel about this Coming to America?

Mynda: They are beginning to fill in the blanks. Glad to see the threads come together.

Alex: It was really intense, what with the massacre and the Jesus imagery. Wednesday mentioned the different Jesuses before, I wonder if Mexican Jesus will resurrect or if he died like Vulcan.

Cara: Intense is a good word for it. I think the violence sets the tone, and we see that violence reflected again when Wednesday kills Vulcan.

Roz: I was impressed with the idea of using Catholicism and the experience of those coming from Latin America to the US. That Jesus being shot to mimic the stigmata was a nice touch too.

Thing Two: Wednesday asks the proverbial chicken and egg question about the gods. Do you have an answer for which came first, the gods or people?

Mynda: People made gods.

Alex: Ditto.

Cara: Yeah, I’m with you, People. Wednesday gives a better explanation here than he had before though.

Roz: I don’t know. I think I watched “Children of Eden” recently and the idea of gods making people is sticking with me.

Thing Three: Salim is possibly not the Jinn, but he is here. How to you feel about Laura, he and Mad Sweeney being together? Where is Laura trying to go now that Shadow is gone again?

Mynda:I am completely in love with the scenes between our unlucky Leprechaun and Dead Wife! We need more!! Big W. nailed it. The undead are tenacious. She will stop at NOTHING to get back to Shadow Moon.

Alex: I like this trio, the dynamic is both fascinating and entertaining. I think Laura just wanted to take a detour on her quest to catch Shadow and spy on her family one last time.

Cara: This trio is great, and something new that isn’t original to the book. I’m a little bummed that Salim isn’t the Jinn. That guy just can’t catch a break. Laura and Mad Sweeney are really great. I think Laura might not know where to go right now, and I think she’s learning that you can’t go home again.

Roz: I love watching these three running around together, especially because they’re such different people. They amuse me because Salim is the most shy of the three of them, but he’s still not innocent. As for what Laura’s doing, I can’t tell, but she clearly can’t go home again – either to her mother or Shadow (as of now).

Thing Four: Vulcan is one scary town. Do you agree with Vulcan on selling out Wednesday for his new religion? Or is there something else to an old god trying to make himself new again?

Mynda: I believe Big W. is tired of being pushed around even by his own kin. It was a brilliant move to kill one of his own. He gains power and respect in that action from both sides at once.

Alex: Like you said, Vulcan is scary. I don’t know that I’d agree with him on anything, but I also think Wednesday’s only real option was to kill Vulcan after he admitted to selling Wednesday out.

Cara: Vulcan is a jerk. He took the deal Wednesday rejected, and I think Wednesday’s disgusted by that as much as Vulcan’s betrayal. Wednesday says that “they” killed Vulcan, and I think that’s true in a way. Vulcan isn’t the god he was, like Wednesday wouldn’t have been. This scene is a Wednesday we haven’t seem before, the god of war that he really is. He seems to be getting some power back, and that might get pretty bloody. I mean, that very first bloody coming to America story was Wednesday’s, after all.

Roz: I appreciate how now Vulcan is with the obsession with guns here in America – and it played so well to watch a god of forging go from making swords to making bullets. I think Vulcan selling out Wednesday is a foolish move (I mean, it cost the man his life), but I like that the new gods are trying to work against Wednesday by finding the other old set and recruiting them. Trying to stay relevant is difficult and I saw here Vulcan was coming from, but it feels foolish now.

Thing Five: Do you think Shadow is going to have to choose between Wednesday and Laura in the end?

Mynda: I believe Laura has a task to complete. However, if she gets her own personal resurrection all bets are off!

Alex: I think Wednesday sees Laura as more of an inconvenience he doesn’t want to deal with rather than a real obstacle. I don’t think her path to resurrection will interrupt his plans unless she tries to steal Shadow away from him, but I get the sense Laura would show much more interest in joining Wednesday’s team than Shadow has. She already treats the whole dying thing more casually.

Cara: I agree that Laura is on a mission, but I think in the end she’s going to have to put something or someone else first, especially if she’s going to be resurrected. Resurrection often follows sacrifice in the world of gods, and I don’t think she’s going to avoid Anubis so easily. I think Wednesday is concerned about Shadow’s dedication and if Laura will pull Shadow’s focus from the task Wednesday is going to need Shadow for down the road.

Roz: Laura is on a mission but I think she’s trying to go back in the past rather than the future. That said, I can’t tell if Shadow believes in either Wednesday or Laura now, but they are something he has to wrestle with now.

American Gods airs Sundays at 9PM Eastern/8PM Central on STARZ.

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