AMERICAN GODS Roundtable: Git Gon

AMERICAN GODS Roundtable: Git Gon

American Gods is still one hell of a trip and even though this episode was full of backstory and some answers we have more questions. Check out what we had to say below.

1. We finally got our Shadow and Laura backstory, and I have to say, Laura was not at all what I was expecting. Were you surprised by Laura’s character?
Roz: I was not expecting her to be as sad and lonely before and after Shadow left. But I will say I love her attitude and tenacity when cheating death and finding Shadow.
Mynda: I really enjoyed learning more about Laura. It put a context to her actions. It once again, revealed the fingerprints of the show creators; beautifully brutal, gory and surprisingly insightful.
Cara: Laura’s character is not what I anticipated in many ways, and she’s still hard for me to love. That said, she’s growing on me. I think she’s meant to grow on us, especially if her role is consistent with what it was in the source material.

2. In an earlier episode we saw Mad Sweeney’s coin sink into Laura’s grave. Do you believe this is the only reason she cheated death, or do you think other factors were involved with Laura’s resurrection?
Roz: I think there’s something else around, but as of now I don’t know who was behind Laura coming back. There are too many gods in Shadow’s life for someone not to be involved. Maybe Loki?
I will say I love that Fuller has another living dead girl, and that all of the scenes with Laura and the formaldehyde are PRICELESS!
Mynda: We saw a glimpse of a crow in once scene which I feel was Big W himself. I feel it was a perfect combination of all of the above, but most especially Laura. If she had not wanted to return, it would not have happened despite the influence of the gods. LOVE the scenes with Laura. Bryan Fuller gave us a glimpse behind the genius of that scene and Pushing Daisies. (see attached image)
Cara: I think the coin gave power to Shadow’s faith in her. Zorya Polunochnaya mentioned that Shadow keeps giving his life away when she mentioned that he’d given away the coin, so I think the coin is key. Shadow is giving his”life” to Laura and that’s what brings about her resurrection. It is an interesting parallel to something that should be coming in the future.

3. We still haven’t seen what happened when Shadow tried to rob the casino. Laura is still convinced her plan was perfect. Do you believe the gods were interfering with Shadow’s life even before he met Wednesday?
Roz: Someone has a plan for Shadow and I don’t know who it is. It felt like fate that Laura and Shadow had that memorable first meeting…
Mynda: YES!
Cara: I’m not sure about their meeting being orchestrated by the gods, but I do think that their relationship is the catalyst for change, first for Shadow and then for Laura.

4. I can’t wait for Shadow’s reaction to Laura’s return. How do you expect Shadow to react? Do you believe Laura will lie to him, or has she turned over a new leaf?
Roz: Inhabe no clue where she’ll go, as we know she lies well and can spin a lie to however big or small she needs it.
Mynda: Shadow has made it clear to Big W he still loves Laura. Zombie Laura is also now a true believer in her love of Shadow.
Cara: Shadow has just started being able to believe the unbelievable, and maybe that has prepared him for meeting Laura. I am very curious to see how it goes.

5. It turns out Laura was Shadow’s mysterious savior after he was lynched. Do you believe Laura’s reappearance in Shadow’s life will ultimately help or hinder him?
Roz: I hope it helps Shadow see what is ultimately as play with these gods, but it’s one of the other mysteries to me.
Mynda: Whether she is a help or hindrance is unknown. I would like to know who shot the rope that was around Shadow’s neck. She wasn’t the only one who wanted him to survive.
Cara: This is another situation where having read the book is really influencing my expectations. Shadow has been dead inside, and he’s finally coming alive. I think Laura is going to be essential to Shadow’s awakening as much as he has been to hers.

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