Our GRIMM Memories

Our GRIMM Memories

The last three Fridays have just felt weird – the first weeks without a new episode of Grimm to come. It’s been a great 6 years following the show, the cast, and interacting with other fans. For every Friday with a new episode for the past three years we’ve watched, live-tweeted, recapped, and even tried podcasting last season. Grimm has been a much loved part of our lives these last years, and we thought we’d share some of our favorite Grimm memories!

I had watched the Grimm pilot live because it was on after Chuck. However, I pretty much stopped watching after that episode because I was hosting live online viewing parties and writing recaps for ChuckTV.net and I needed the time after the show to get everything together for the site. Fast forward to  July 2013. I was at San Diego Comic Con and had been assigned to cover the Grimm pressroom. In preparation, I watched the season 2 finale and read some summaries of the show and characters online as well as got the scoop and some questions to ask from Rueben.

I was nervous  going into the pressroom because I didn’t feel like I knew the show or the cast very well and worried I’d say something dumb that would mark me as a non-fan, but I needn’t have worried. I found out that day that the Grimm cast is one of the nicest on television! The actors and the discussion of the show made such an impression on me, that I binged seasons 1 and 2 in a month and was all caught up by the time the show premiered that October.

Since then, watching the show and interacting with the cast, crew, and other fans on Twitter has been the highlight of my Friday nights and seeing the cast and creators at Comic Con something I look forward to every year. Comic Con won’t be the same without them this year!

Some of my favorite Grimm memories:

    • Asking Sasha Roiz (Sean Renard) to take a selfie with me, but then realizing that I didn’t know how to use the camera on my new phone very well. He was extremely charming, but I was very nervous and I just kept fumbling the phone controls. I learned that when taking a selfie with someone six+ inches taller than you, *they* should hold the phone! It turned out to be the *worst* selfie ever – see below – but hilarious because of my ineptitude and with a bonus because Silas Weir Mitchell (Monroe) jumped in at the last minute.
    • Claire Coffee – She had her son, Cal, who was about two months old, with her at Comic Con in 2015 and had been sitting with him by herself in the hallway outside the pressroom while everything was breaking up afterward. I had gone over to her to compliment her on the baby and we had ended up chatting about Twitter (we’d interacted over soup recipes and the show previously),  motherhood, and some other things. When I got home, I knitted her two baby hats – a pumpkin and an apple – and sent them to her (the first time I’ve ever done something so fan girl!). I didn’t hear anything more of them, but this summer at Comic Con, I got the chance to again talk with her privately and in the conversation asked if she’d gotten the hats. She hadn’t but thought she knew where they may have ended up and promised to go looking for them when she got home. A month later, she tweeted me a picture of Cal wearing one of the hats. BEST.TWEET.EVER!  But it got even better than that – a few weeks later, I actually received a hand-written, personal thank you note from her! I was blown away that she’d not only gone looking for the hats and made sure I got the picture, but actually sent a thank you note! That’s the kind of class that the Grimm cast has! 
    • At that first pressroom, I asked David Giuntoli if Juliette and Nick would get a happy ending. He told me no way and suggested that she’d likely try to kill him before the end. Which turned out to be quite prescient as it turns out. Remarkably enough, Nick did get a happy ending, just not with Juliette.

David can always be counted on for a great soundbite and his jokes about our site “The Fairy Tale Site – what do you cover?…Fairy Tales!” and describing the final season as “travel’s diarrhea” come to mind.

Having interacted with the casts of many popular shows, I can say without hesitation that there wasn’t a bad egg in the Grimm nest and they are without a doubt some of the nicest people in the industry! They have always been so gracious to their fans and press alike and always seem like they are having fun when they are together.


My experience with Grimm is a bit different from that of Cay. I watched the show from the very beginning until the very end, never missing an episode. In fact, I looked forward to each episode to see which Wesen of the week would be featured, how soon one of Nick’s friends would find out what he was and how they would get themselves out of all the crazy cases they got themselves into. While Nick and company – for the most part – got a happy ending, I do miss the show and wish we had gotten a little more.

Also, I did not have any face-to-face encounters with the cast [so jealous of Cay that she did – wink!], but I did have the opportunity to see them in person at an NBC press event in Pasadena, California back in 2012.

It was April and the show was going into its second season on NBC. The press event was a bit different from that of Wonder Con or Comic Con. At network press events (much like the Television Critics Association bi-annual events), there aren’t legends of fans clamoring for their favorite stars to take the stage. Instead it’s a room filled with press. There was little to no reaction by the gathered press as scenes from the first season where screened and no thunderous applause from the audience as panelists, which included cast members David Giuntoli, Russell Hornsby, Silas Weir Mitchell and Bitsie Tulloch as well as the creative team – Sean Hayes, David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf – took the stage. Although I certainly tried to applaud and was quickly hampered from doing that by one of my peers.

While the panelists only had one season to talk about, it was obvious they were excited about their show and were reveling in the success of the series. If only they knew at that time what kind of influence the show would have on viewers and how much it (and their characters) would change over the following five seasons.

During that event, the special effects guys behind the creatures featured in the show also made a presentation with a live Wesen in our midst. Check out the pictures I took from that event below:

It was a memorable experience to say the least even if we weren’t “permitted” to give them the applause they deserved.


Both of us will very much miss Grimm and interacting with everyone involved! If you have your own Grimm memories, share them with us in the comments!



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