GRIMM: Where the Wild Things Were

GRIMM: Where the Wild Things Were

Season 6, episode 11 Where the Wild Things Were

On this week’s Grimm, Nick followed Eve through the looking glass and into the Forbidden…er…Black Forest of an alternate dimension with the help of the magic stick, and the rest of the gang finally came clean to Renard about the stick and cloth in the hopes of finding a way to rescue Nick and Eve. What they found instead was an old prophecy that is definitely nothing but bad for all involved!

Things that had us thinking about this episode:

  1. There was no Wesen-of-the-Week – it’s always a refreshing change when the show abandons its usual structure because it typically means that a lot is going to happen or be set up to happen and this episode, with only two more to go, was no exception. Bonus points that half of it was filmed outdoors in the Oregon woods.
  2. Nick never knew that Diana killed Bonaparte and Rachel? This has never really been brought up before but I always assumed that he knew. It seems to be an important thing to tell the Grimm and your baby daddy, especially if your homicidal daughter lives with said Grimm. And here she brings it up so nonchalantly and Nick seems to take it with similar affect. Nick, Hank, and Wu arrested Renard for killing Rachel – it never occured to me that they actually thought that he did it!
  3. I really hope telling Renard EVERYTHING is not going to backfire on them! A few episodes ago he was still plotting with Black Claw, but they suddenly disappeared and now he’s back in the team knowing everything that they do? Seems really risky!  What has he done to prove himself trustworthy? Yes, he cares about Diana, but what stops him from throwing the rest of them under the bus?
  4. Nick and Juliette/Eve finally had “the talk”. This was such a long time coming! I liked seeing her take some responsibility for her Juliette’s actions and hopefully absolve Nick of at least a bit of the guilt that he has been carrying. My money is on Julieve dying and this seems to free up Nick emotionally to stay with Adalind, assuming both of them survive…
  5. Skeletor, I mean Zorstorer,  is the devil and wants to take Diana as his bride? That’s rather a disturbing thing to think about. He looks awfully powerful, the idea of him together with Diana and them combining their powers… although I have to wonder, is she powerful enough to save herself if none of the rest of the adults can? Just when it seems things can’t get any worse, Nick finds himself fighting the devil himself for the soul of his sort-of step daughter.
  6. Grimm’s central mythology The keys lead to the stick and the cloth. The cloth led to the “other place”. Diana could read the whole cloth, which makes sense if the point was to lure her to the other place. Presumably Eve can read the cloth as well because of some powers that she gained when the stick healed her. Were the stick and cloth buried in the first place to prevent the prophecy from coming true and then Nick and Monroe set it all in motion? What role does the stick play other than to grant access to the other place? (and wouldn’t Diana be able to use her blood if not her powers alone?)

Memorable Lines:

We need to find another way through the mirror – Nick
Like some other magic-mirror unlocking gizmo? – Monroe

How do you say “I’m vegetarian in German”? – Juliette/Eve

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