Grimm: Don’t Mess with the Trees

Grimm: Don’t Mess with the Trees

Last night’s new episode of Grimm, entitled “Tree People,” found Nick and the team investigating the bizarre report of a drunken poacher whose friend was killed by a forest monster while the team tried to figure out the mystery of the skull in the mirror.

Here is the synopsis of the episode:

Nick, Hank and Wu are called to the scene of the crime where a man claims his friend was consumed by a tree-like figure. Meanwhile, after the gang learns of Eve’s disturbing mirror encounter, everyone takes extra precautions. Elsewhere, Capt. Renard searches for answers to what Diana was drawing.

Here are the major plot points that had us wondering:

1. Now that the whole team knows about the skull in the mirror, they are using a buddy system so no one is exposed to that creature independently. But what’s even more troubling is that Diana was involved in the conversation, telling them that the skull if from “the other place.” What exactly is “the other place?” Hell…an alternate dimension…do we really want to know? And what’s worse Eve wants to go there? WHAT!?!

2. Did anyone else feel that the tree monster was actually doing our planet a favor by taking out those people? Sure, it was a horrible way to die and an even worse way to be entombed, but given what each of them was doing to the environment, I can’t say I felt too bad for the victims. What do you say?

3. How do you think Renard is going to move forward with the information he received from Dasha about Diana’s drawings? If he finds out about the “tunnel” where Diana saw Eve’s drawings, do you think he just might find Mr. Pointy?

4. That book that Rosalee pulled out to show Nick and the team to make the “goo” they spread around that gigantic tree looked an awful lot like “The Monster Book of Monsters” from Harry Potter. Do you think that was a deliberate Easter egg? And how has she kept that book secret until now?

5. How priceless was the reaction by Monroe and Rosalee to their ceiling after their experience with the tree monster? It even looked like there was a face in that wood just like the gigantic tree. How soon do you think they will be painting that ceiling?

What did you think of the episode? Are you getting anxious for how it will all end? What are your predictions for the remainder of the season? Please share your thoughts in our comments section below.

Memorable Lines:

“This gives a whole new meaning to family tree.” – Hank

“Talk about back to nature.” – Wu

“A womb with a view.” – Wu

Here is the synopsis for next week’s episode “Blood Magic“:

A STRING OF BRUTAL DEATHS MAY BE TIED TO AN UNLIKELY PERPETRATOR – After a series of brutal and deadly attacks, Nick and Hank find an unlikely lead in a local nursing home. Meanwhile, Eve oes to Adalind to get answers that only a Hexenbiest can provide. Elsewhere, Capt. Renard confronts Nick about the mysterious symbols and tries to strike a deal.

Here is a trailer for “Blood Magic“:

The next new episode of the sixth and final season of Grimm will air on NBC at 8/7c.

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