GRIMM: Blood Magic

GRIMM: Blood Magic

Season 6, episode 10 Blood Magic

This week’s Grimm gave us some insight into a heart-wrenching Wesen euthanasia ritual as Nick and crew are tasked with a series of Wesen associated murders that turn out to be the work of an elderly Wesen with dementia. Meanwhile, Eve borrowed Adalind’s mother’s books and got to work trying to figure out how to get through to the world on the other side of the mirror because *clearly* it’s where she is going to find her answers (and potentially her death). Meanwhile, Renard, increasingly concerned about Diana’s rune drawings confronted Adalind about them and the mystery tunnel. So said that we only have 3 more episodes to go!

Things that had us thinking about this episode:

  1. Wesens routinely euthanize their elders when they can no longer control themselves.  As we saw in this episode, a Wesen with dementia is a dangerous thing indeed. Interesting that they have developed a ritual to take care of the problem in a humane way. The Gervatter Tod whose job it is to do the deed was something out of nightmares, but I liked that the whole process was handled with love and compassion for both the “victim” and the family. It made sense that he worked as a geriatrician by day – a great cover and good way to keep tabs on older Wesen. All in all, this storyline was both interesting and very touching. This episode may have been the first episode of Grimm ever to make me cry!
  2. How dumb is Juliette/Eve? Climbing into the mirror without even letting anyone know what she was up to is way up there on the list of dumb ways to kill yourself! Especially right after assuring Nick that she wouldn’t do it alone. Nothing good ever happens from going through a mirror…Not to mention getting involved in things that she knows nothing about! I was kind of hoping that Adalind would end up helping her more, because then they could have some awesome/awkward conversations about the bizarro series of events that brought them both to this point.
  3. Speaking of Adalind…I was so proud of her for standing up to Renard and telling him he needed to talk to Nick rather than revealing anything about the tunnel.
  4. Renard isn’t acting like a bad guy anymore We haven’t seen Meisner in four episodes now and Black Claw has been absent as well. It’s starting to feel a lot like it all was before Renard ran for mayor and tried multiple times to get Nick killed! Are we being lulled into a state of complacency, or is he actually getting over his delusions of grandeur and will he redeem himself in the last three episodes?

Memorable Lines:

I’m going to have some seriously bad hair days for a while – Monroe

Don’t let him fall off the bed and don’t make your brother float, either – Adalind


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