EMERALD CITY: No Place Like Home

EMERALD CITY: No Place Like Home

On this week’s season finale of Emerald City,  Ozma exiled Eamonn/the Lion and assumed her throne, the Wizard battled the witches, Dorothy finally met her birth mother, and the Wizard finally got what was coming to him. Oh, and the Beast Forever was unleashed upon Oz…

I thought this episode was a very good bookend to the first one – it wrapped up a lot of story and came full circle, but also gave a path clearly into a season 2 if it is to be. Like the first episode, it was also gorgeous to behold – the sweeping battlefield, the witches’ swarm, and the scenes as the Beast Forever headed to Oz provided great visuals.

Two things that I very much wanted to happen did in this episode:

  1. We found out that Roan/Lucas survived and that he doesn’t seem to harbor Dorothy any ill will
  2. The Wizard finally got what was coming to him, but not before he once again showed his true colors

I have some hope that Roan will find himself once again drawn to Dorothy if there’s a season 2. But, even if he doesn’t, he’s alive and we’ll be able to gaze upon him and appreciate his accent once again.

The way the Wizard and his soldiers slaughtered the witch girls was very disturbing. While we’ve seen the Wizard kill before, having him shoot Sylvie, a child, like that, for no good reason served as a great reminder of why he needed to die. I was very relieved to learn that the girls were all okay. His character reminded me of President Snow, from the Hunger Games quite a bit – he’s evil as can be, but he seemed to have convinced himself that he was acting in the common good.

We finally found out the story behind the grisly scene that Dorothy came upon at “her mother’s” trailer in the first episode – the Wizard sent someone to kill her so she wouldn’t try to come back to Oz. It’s definitely easier to stomach now that we know that Jane is Dorothy’s real mother, but it is one more example of the Wizard’s ruthlessness.

I’m still not sure that Glinda is ready to play nice, but I guess that’s a plotline for season 2. I like that West finally has a purpose in life and that Ozma now knows her place in Oz as well.

About the elephant…er…Beast…in the room… So, Dorothy did fulfill a prophecy of sorts by releasing it, but I’m still at a loss for understanding of exactly what it is and why it is so powerful and fearsome. How can the witches not make quick work of it? How did none of the other people in the prison know what the man Dorothy freed was? I think this was one of the biggest plot holes in the series – more explanation of what it was/did could have made the big reveal that much more powerful.

All in all, I enjoyed the series and I’d definitely watch again if it gets renewed for a season 2. What do you think? Tell us in the comments or on twitter @fairytalesite.

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  1. How come Glinda did not recognize or even sense Ozma/Tip’s powers?

    I really like how you parallel the Wizard to Pres. Snow of Hunger Games. Now to think of it, Glinda reminds me of President Coin of the rebels. Her intent had some wicked plans despite trying to fight for the cause of the people/witches.

  2. Yeah, Glinda is an enigma, for sure. I can see parallels to President Coin as well, although in Glinda’s defense, she knew the girls couldn’t be killed by the guns, it was just everyone else, including us, that didn’t know it! Although she did drive that one group to some sort of insanity.