My 35 Thoughts on Grimm:  “The Seven Year Itch”

My 35 Thoughts on Grimm: “The Seven Year Itch”

The latest episode of Grimm included a creepy bug man Wesen who was on the prowl for a new victim after being buried in a Portland park for the past seven years. Meanwhile, Captain Renard is still being haunted by the ghost of Meisner and Eve/Juliette is in a weird place after her encounter with Mr. Pointy.

Here is the general plot of last night’s episode:

Nick and Hank join Wu to investigate a bizarre murder in a local park. Elsewhere, Capt. Renard continues to deal with a ghost from his past. Meanwhile, Monroe and Rosalee visit the doctor to see if Diana’s premonition is true. Back at the loft, Adalind finds a very weak Eve in the tunnels and mysterious drawings scrawled on the walls.

Here are my thoughts on “The Seven Year Itch”:

1. Okay, that bug crawling out of the ground – EW!!!!
2. How does NO ONE not notice that a giant bug crawled out of the ground and then turned into a man?!!!
3. I actually feel bad for Eve waking up all groggy and confused.
4. Then I feel bad for Nick dreaming about being shot.
5. These guys have gone through hell…
6. I still don’t like seeing Nick in bed with Adalind (and I know I’m not alone in that).
7. There goes the first victim (as we know there are going to be more, right?!)
8. Check out Renard’s new digs – pretty nice, huh?
9. Why are those creepy dolls still around?
10. How long do you think it will take for Renard – after finding that large pin in the box with the dolls – to figure out that Diana made him kill Bonaparte?
11. Meisner is still around, haunting Renard; this is no “half-assed” haunting, that’s for sure.
12. Rosalee and Munroe getting first look at baby, but…
13. There is one heartbeat…then a second…then a third…
14. Holy crap!! Diana was right.
15. Breath, Rosalee, breath.
16. Sorry Munroe, but telling Rosalee you love her and “we can do this” is sweet and all; but I don’t think that was the right time. She’s gotta be freaking out at that precise moment.
17. I do love watching Nick and Hank at work – even if it’s over a dead body – and especially enjoy Wu’s comments.
18. Okay, there was a skeleton in that hole that “bug man” came out of – there isn’t going to be a pleasant story behind that.
19. So bug man is actually an attractive guy, eating like a pig, though.
20. Why does that waitress have a Southern accent?
21. The skeleton was female, had bite marks all over her body and her organs were all missing – EW!!!!!
22. Diana is one scary kid, amirite?! She wants to see Meisner again – what? – and she could sense that Eve was “in the wall.”
23. Okay, how come both Diana and Eve are drawing all those symbols? Sure, they are the only ones who saw them on the cloth that was wrapped around Mr. Pointy, but what does it all mean?
24. Well, Rosalee and Munroe didn’t waste any time telling Nick and Hank about their THREE little ones.
25. So, “bug man” is like Dionysus – the God of wine and orgies – who emerges for one day only every 7 years – ARGH!! – and he’s looking for his next meal.
26. Oh boy that guy shouldn’t have gone outside.
27. Adalind finally apologized to Eve for what she did to her – it’s not only about time, but I also think she REALLY means it.
28. Renard seeking help from pawn shop owner.
29. He really wants to stop the haunting if he’s willing to give up the generations-old ring and his fake wedding ring.
30. Of course, Renard has to get naked and get inside a weird vacuum-like machine – it’s not an episode without shirtless Renard.
31. I feel bad for that pretty girl who left the bar with “bug man” – she has no idea what she’s getting herself into.
32. Three against one – they have the odds but “bug man” is hard to take down until…
33. Holy crap! The girl from the bar is Wesen – a hippo-like creature – and no she didn’t – she just bit his head off – I think I’m gonna throw up!!!
34. I love her line, though: “What’s a girl got to do to find the right guy in this town?” PRICELESS!!
35. What is going on with Renard? Meisner is still haunting him and now that once packed-full pawn shop is empty. What in the h*ll is happening?

What are your thoughts on the latest episode of Grimm? How about that reveal about Rosalee and Munroe? Three babies!! Please share your thoughts below.

The next new episode of Grimm will air on NBC on Friday, February 10 at 8/7c.

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  1. So, if Stillman just needed a 7 year snack, why didn’t he just eat one of the two guys that he killed? If he wasn’t such a prick and he didn’t kill the other two guys, I would have found myself feeling a bit bad for him because it’s not his fault he was born a giant cicada that needs to eat a person every 7 years…it’s the “waste” of the first two guys that bothers me.

    Loved that the “damsel in distress” victim took the matter into her own hands! Girl power (hippo power?)!

    I’m wth you on the pawn shop – WTH happened there? Supposedly if anything happened that meant there was really something haunting him and we saw something come out of that crazy sideshow freaky box… so was the whole thing in Renard’s head? But if so, where are the rings?

    I find it amusing how clever the writers are getting trying to get Renard undressed as often as possible!