GRIMM: Love Potion #9

GRIMM: Love Potion #9

Season 6, episode 7 Blind Love

In this week’s episode, the gang all heads out of town to a resort to celebrate Monroe’s birthday and the fact that they are all still alive. Sounds idyllic, and it is, until the son of a man Nick sent to prison takes the opportunity to exact a little revenge in the form of a love spell that he assumes will end up with them all killing each other. What ensues is a hilarious Grimmesque take on Shakespeare’s Midsummer Nights Dream – one of the funniest episodes of Grimm ever. Meanwhile, back in Portland, Diana has a rather unusual “playdate” with one of Renard’s foes.

Here’s what’s got us thinking this week:

1.Diana needs to learn a lot about secrets if she’s going to live in her parent’s world!

Rueben:  I was yelling at the screen repeatedly throughout her conversation with her dad!!  She was trying to not say anything, but failing miserably.  She has not better control over her mouth any more than she does over her abilities.  It’s frustrating!

Cay: I wonder if there will be any repercussions of Diana telling Renard about the cave? It probably wouldn’t be too hard to figure out where they must be if Diana has been there. Afterall, Renard may know more about the myth of the keys and what they led to than he has let on.

2. Renard first gets all worried that Diana is missing, then clearly decides she can take care of herself so he’ll wait and see.

Rueben:  At first, I kinda freaked out that he just quickly decided not to do anything about Diana being missing.  But then it hit me like a lightning bolt, that given how powerful she is that that cop didn’t have a chance with her.  I have to wonder if we’ll ever see that cop again.

Cay: The fact that he called Renard BEGGING him to come get her, and then she asked to come back for another playdate…funny, but super scary! She has little in the way of morals and way too much power!

3. WTH was that thing in the mirror?
Is hell coming to visit Nick and the Scooby gange before the show comes to an end? And if so, will he need Mr Pointy to stop it?

Speaking of Mr Pointy, I kept thinking “hellmouth” but some scenes from the original Ghostbusters also came to mind. I don’t know what dimension that was a window into, but I sure don’t want to go there!

4. They finally address how ludicrous it is that Eve/Juliette, Adalind, and Nick are cohabiting.

Rueben:  That has made me uncomfortable from the beginning.  It’s absurd.  It’s bad enough that they have Nick and Adalind together as a couple – something a lot of fans have not been happy about since its inception – but to have Eve/Juliette there too.  Gross!  They need to change that situation ASAP.

Cay: I thought it was smooth how they first used Diana to bring up the huge elephant in the loft, and then followed up by allowing the enchantment to let the individual characters spout off about it in a way that allowed it to be said without becoming a big issue because they couldn’t really be held accountable for what they said. Ignoring how ridiculous it is doesn’t give the audience much credit, so I was happy to have it actually voiced out loud what we’re all thinking.

It was a bit weird to me that she was invited along on the trip (and was acting like just one of the gang with no Eve awkwardness other than one scene at dinner where she looked a bit left out) because it seemed like they were pretty much back to treating her like Juliette and forgetting everything that came before. Which, of course, they’ve pretty much done already with Adalind…although there’s the saying that hate and love aren’t that far apart…

5.Once again, Rosalee saves the day.

Rueben:  She is nothing short of a rock star.  Thank God for her pregnancy that she was able to figure out what was happening.  I don’t even want to think about what could have happened if she had been affected by that drink too.

Cay: Yes, thank goodness she didn’t drink because that would not have ended well for any of them! We also got to see her great reactions to Nick and the others.

6. OMG, Hank!

Rueben:  OMG is right!  I was laughing so hard that I nearly wet myself.  He was so believable, but it was so disturbing at the same time.  I have to wonder how many times they had to film his scenes in that mirror without all of them cracking up.

Cay:I found myself wondering who was the other glass? He drank two, one of which must have been his for Rosalee. But what about the other? Regardless, the double dose seems to have been pretty powerful (and he’s the only non-Wesen/creature of the bunch!). The fact that they made his soundtrack “Lets get it on” was almost more than I could handle!

7. Favorite lines/scenes

Rueben:  I have to say that Wu trying to woo that server was just priceless.  He was so poetic with her.  That was awesome to watch, but I think it was Rosalee coming to the rescue yet again that was the best part of the episode.

I also loved that once Hank “woke up” he said, “Why am I in my underwear?”  That was just so funny beyond all the craziness of them expressing their “love” for each other.

Cay: Yes, Hank was my favorite I think, with Rosalee trying to figure Nick out as a close second. I also liked Diana playing “hide and go seek” with the crooked cop. The show needed a bit of levity, and we got it.

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