GRIMM: Frankenwesen

GRIMM: Frankenwesen

Season 6, episode 8 The Son Also Rises

This week’s Grimm was a sad, modern day Frankenstein story – a grief-stricken scientist and his colleagues try to bring back his son who died in a car accident by basically putting him back together out of a lot of spare “parts”. Which would have been horrific enough if they hadn’t gotten the parts from a bunch of Wesen corpses…

Meanwhile, Renard reached out to an old acquaintance for information on Diana’s drawing from the tunnel and Eve had another, more dangerous encounter with the creature from the mirror.

Things that had us thinking about this episode:

  1. Nick is all sorts of conflicted right now about Juliette/Eve. Can’t blame the guy – his relationship history gives new meaning to “it’s complicated”. How does he reconcile the fact that Juliette seems to be back in many ways with her betrayal as well as his guilt for getting her involved in the Grimm lifestyle in the first place? And that’s before you throw Adalind and Kelly into the picture (neither of which appeared in this episode).
  2. What is it about Eve/Juliette that is so attractive to the thing in the mirror? Is it that she had a near death experience? Is it because of Eve, or because of the strange dualism of Eve/Juliette? Is the creature at all related to the runes and Mr Pointy, or are they completely separate? She seems to think that they may be connected. There’s also the issue of what of Eve is left at this point? She can still vogue and was able to sort of repair the mirror, but I’m not clear if she has half the power that she used to have.
  3. Maybe we’ll get a surprise and the upcoming whatever will be good and not evil…I know, there’s no chance in heck of that! I wonder if the woman who Renard was talking with, Dasha, is a hexenbiest? I wonder if it will turn out that Diana’s inability to keep a secret actually helps the gang figure out what’s going on by allowing Renard to find a critical piece?
  4. Speaking of Renard, has he exorcised his demons? We haven’t seen Meisner in two episodes. If he goes another episode without being evil (and takes his shirt off), I may forgot why we’re supposed to hate him…I suspect we’ll see Black Claw back again soon, though.
  5. Monroe’s nightmare – this scene was suspicious from the beginning, but when the forth came I assumed that it had to be a dream. I can imagine that the idea of triplets could be quite daunting, especially with everything else going on. Is the dream coincidence, or could it have something to do with him handling the mirror?

Memorable Lines:

Don’t mess with a man’s afterlife! – Hank

He said Juliette! – Hank and Wu



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  1. I don’t think Eve is as powerful as she used to be either, and complicated is a good way to describe Nick/Juliette/Eve/Adalind. Nice to see Wu and Hank working together.