GRIMM: Beauty Sleep

GRIMM: Beauty Sleep

Season 6, episode 6 Breakfast in Bed

In this week’s episode, a resident of a hotel offering low income housing goes seemingly crazy and kills an innocent passerby. Nick and Hank investigate and find out the the man is terrified to sleep. Turns out a Wesen called an Alpe is feeding on the man’s brain while he sleeps. Monroe ends up being the bait (of course) so they can catch it.

Here’s what’s got us thinking this week:

1.The Magic Stick cloth clock – March 24th 2017? For some reason I’m guessing that whatever is supposed to happen is probably not a good thing! Once again Monrosalee have all the important knowledge

2. Meisner – what the what is going on with him? It seems like he’s all in Renard’s head, a manifestation of his guilty conscience, but if that’s the case, why is he suddenly helping him? And how would Renard have known about the men outside that Meisner warned him about if he is hallucinating him? If it’s not a hallucination, what is he that only Renard can see him?

3.Black Claw is going to retaliate against Renard – Clearly he isn’t as big a player as he may have thought he was and now that he’s not the mayor, he’s clearly expendible. My gut feeling is that Nick and the Scooby Gang are going to end up having to save his ass.

4.The Alpe –  Definitely up there with some of the creepiest Wesen we’ve seen on the show! This one and the Ashwang get my votes for most likely to actually rob me of my sleep! #nightmares

5.Favorite Lines/Scenes: 

“The only big bang theory that I want to deal with is one with a gun!” – Hank

“This isn’t my first day, you know” – Wu

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