EMERALD CITY: They Came First

EMERALD CITY: They Came First

On this week’s Emerald City, the Wizard sets out to exterminate all the witches in Emerald City, West realizes whose side she is really on, Dorothy, Sylvie, and Lucas arrive at Glinda’s palace and Lucas’ true identity is revealed, and we learn that there is also more to Tip than meets the eye.

Here’s what we’re thinking about after that episode:

Emerald City Top 5

  1. Lucas and Dorothy, sitting in the house, doing a heck of a lot more than K-I-S-S-I-N-G…and then we find out that Lucas is Roan, and he’s Glinda’s lover?!? – talk about awkward when your new lover regains his memory and his wife not a day after you first sleep with him. So Glinda sent her own love to protect the witch girls and then gave Roan something that wiped his memory? This might be the biggest shocker of the series so far!
  2. The Wizard just keeps getting worse and worse – Ugh, he’s so insecure and so evil – rounding up all the girls in the village, killing all of his advisors – I really hope he gets his due soon
  3. El and Jack – Obviously she’s upset about her father’s death, but it was cruel to take it out on Jack and leave him in the woods like that. Then, when his situation seems hopeless, she shows up again to save him, then takes him home into her bed. Is she this socially awkward, or does she have some sort of an end goal?
  4. Finally West comes to her senses – it’s about time that West finally snapped out of it and realized that the Wizard is not on her side. It will be interesting to see what she does next
  5. Tip may be a princess and the rightful heir to the royal family of Oz? So, why was she being hidden away in a locked room as a boy? Who was she being hidden from? The Wizard?

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  1. I thought Glinda’s castle looked like wind tunnels machine that bought the Wizard and Dorothy’s mom to Oz.