EMERALD CITY: The Villian That’s Become

EMERALD CITY: The Villian That’s Become

On this week’s Emerald City,  Dorothy escaped Glinda’s castle but Lucas wasn’t so willing to let her go, the Wizard and Ev had a dramatic showdown, and Tip finally accepted her destiny and rallied the witches to fight the Wizard.

Here’s what we’re thinking about after that episode:

  1. Lucas/Roan – after becoming so fond of Lucas in the first 7ish episodes, I really hate where he is now. The idea that he was falling in   love with Dorothy a few days (?) ago and now may be willing to kill her? And then her stabbing him and crucifying him again, just like she found him? Poetic full circle, but pretty disturbing!
  2. Tip and West – The look on West’s face when Tip/Ozma turned herself back into a boy (and then peed on the tree) was priceless! Thankfully Tip finally accepted her fate as Ozma just in time to save West and rally the witches
  3. Queen Ev – We finally see her without the mask – and she looks normal! And then Jack shoots her!?! And that turned out to not be the most shocking revelation- turns out she was killed in the battle with the Beast Forever and she was one of Jane’s creations. I never imagined that she could be an android or that the masks were to hide her aging.
  4. Stone giants – Dorothy got her wish with reanimating the stone giants, but what is she going to do with them? The timing couldn’t have been more perfect for the Wizard. I wish she could have come a few minutes later – I really wanted to see the Wizard get his due already.
  5. How are they going to wrap all of this up in only 1 episode? 

Watch the Emerald City Season 1 finale on Friday night, March 3rd at 9/8c on NBC or stream at NBC.com

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  1. Tip and Dorothy possessing the East Witch power. Is there a connection? I so agree with you on how suddenly Lucas is willing to kill Dorothy despite have deep feeling for her. Must be a cultural issue of courtship. Furthermore, how was Jane, from earth, able to create an artificial intelligent being? Science with Magic?

    • Yeah, Jane is an interesting mystery. She was clearly a scientist at the edge of science in Kansas, but it does seem a bit of a leap to be doing her human-android hybrid current business.

      I hadn’t thought of issues with Ozma and Dorothy channeling the same magic…

      The whole Lucas/Roan thing played out well in terms of drama, but it was just gut-wrenching – her leaving him crucified and riding off? so horrible! I think that rather than being cultural, it’s that he’s very confused as to where his loyalties lie. To Glinda (and presumably Roan) this is a life or death struggle, meaning they may be more willing to do awful things if they think the ends justify the means. We’ve seen a lot of this from Glinda, unless you believe that she is also evil.