EMERALD CITY: Lions in Winter

EMERALD CITY: Lions in Winter

On this week’s Emerald City, Tip learns of her true destiny, we finally meet the Cowardly Lion, Dorothy attempts to kill Glinda, Ev readies the guns, and the Wizard masses his troops for war.

Here’s what we’re thinking about after that episode:

Emerald City Top 5

  1. The “used up” young witches – the more of this kind of stuff we see, the less Glinda resembles the ‘good witch” from the books. She definitely feels like the end will justify the means, but to an outsider her methods look pretty awful!
  2. Lucas/Roan’s conflict – so I guess having your memory wiped, getting crucified and left for dead, then rescued by a beautiful stranger who you fall in love with before being reunited with your witch wife can mess with one’s mind a bit. I so want to like Roan as much as I like Lucas. I find it hard to believe that he was that different in his previous life before Dorothy.
  3. Tip’s destiny – so Tip is Ozma and she was hidden away to protect her from the Wizard and her parent’s killers. I really thought that West had managed to kill her, although knowing the books that seemed unlikely. Also a shock that Eamonn was the one who killed her parents. I really want to like him, despite his closeness with the Wizard.
  4. Jack is still getting the shaft – I don’t know who Jack wronged in a past life to deserve everything he’s getting in this one! Ev has absolutely no social skills and keeps toying with his emotions.
  5. The Wizard’s war – that’s a lot of troops amassing for battle! I have to wonder why that many people will follow someone like the Wizard into battle – do they not see him for who he is? He doesn’t seem that convincing, but that may be because we see more as viewers than the people of Emerald City. Still, you’d think they would be scared to face an army of witches…

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