SHADOWHUNTERS Recap: The Guilty Blood

SHADOWHUNTERS Recap: The Guilty Blood

Shadowhunters is back! It’s been a long wait and with new showrunners I’m excited to see how this season goes.

Father of the Year
We pick up just moments after the finale and Valentie is wasting no time being awful. What is wrong with that man. I mean, he’s evil so that is what is wrong but my word. He employs a lot of manipulative head games and it seems to be working – Jace is believing everything he says. That bothers me because, why would you believe the homicidal maniac?

Alec and Magnus
Did you forget for a moment just how badass Magnus is? Because I think he did for a moment last season. This season though he is back. Not that he wasn’t always charismatic and fantastic. Alec doesn’t have time to deal with their budding relationship though, he needs to get his parabatai back. Something they talk a lot more in the book about. Maybe that will continue this season.

The Worst Vampire Ever
That would be Simon. What self respecting vampire hangs out with werewolves? Simon…Simon does. He clearly isn’t comfortable with who he is yet, he is also still in love with Clary. Not that he has workedo ut a way to tell her. Poor Simon. I’m a little okay with this though because he and Clary being BFF’s is pretty much the best thing.

SHADOWHUNTERS airs Monday 8/7c on FreeForm

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