SHADOWHUNTERS: Questions about Parabatai Lost

SHADOWHUNTERS: Questions about Parabatai Lost

Three episodes into Shadowhunters second season and we are still on the hunt for Jace.

Do the writers not understand what a parabatai is supposed to be?
I spent most of season one watching Jace and Alec at odds. There were very few scenes where they even agreed. Then we are supposed to believe Luke and Valentine were parabatai. Why? Because we got one flashback? Thankfully they seem to get the importance, if only for just a moment with Jace and Alec.

Flashbacks should be good, right?
Is there really no children that look at all like the main actors? The casting wasn’t great and it really took away from the flashbacks. Well that and the really bad dialog.

Where are the Silent Brothers? I feel like they could have been helpful here.

Why do we assume Jace murdered someone just because they washed up on shore around the same time?

There is a vampire civil war? Where was that information sooner?

How is Simon’s Mom so clueless?


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