Fairy Tale Characters We’d Gladly Date

Fairy Tale Characters We’d Gladly Date

Somehow, it’s become November, which means that the holidays are rapidly approaching. For those with significant others, that often means compromises in terms of whose family you will visit for each holiday. For those of us who are single, it means awkward family dinners just waiting for the dreaded “are you dating anyone?” , “when are you going to settle down?” and “do you think maybe if you didn’t spend so much time with your horse that you might meet someone?” questions.

It’s always much simpler, and considerably less awkward, in fairy tales. The heroine generally finds her perfect man (or he finds her) way before her family members feel that her love life needs to be the topic of conversation around the Thanksgiving table. We don’t live in the world of fairy tales, but that doesn’t stop a woman from dreaming! So, here’s my list of the most date-able men in fairytaledom (as I’m fantasizing here, I’m going to ignore any girlfriends or wives they may have met in fairytale land):



Galavant from ABC’s now-cancelled “medieval musical” of the same name – charming and kind, Galavant proves that you can be chivalrous while still respecting strong women. While his relationship track record is a bit rocky (after all, it’s not every day that you go to rescue your “true love” from the king that kidnapped her only to end up on a quest to save your next love with said King when your previous “love” turns out to be downright evil and overthrows the king – that’s what you call “It’s complicated”), Gal’s got a heart of gold and some wonderfully manicured facial hair. He’d be happy to have you riding and fighting at his side.



Prince Charming from Once Upon a Time – sure, it’s obvious, but as someone who has been on the receiving end of one of Josh Dallas’ smiles, I can tell you that they aren’t lying about the charming part! Charming is definitely the guy you can take home to that family dinner content in the fact that he’s unlikely to embarrass you or start a fight with your crazy uncle over what really happened at the first Thanksgiving.



Flynn Rider from Tangled – alright, he’s a bit of a bad boy, but he has Zachary Levi’s singing voice and is all about getting women out of their comfort zone to explore the world. Life with this lovable rogue would never be dull and what could be better than a romantic sunset boat ride singing duets? He also has a way with horses, and horses are very good judges of character (plus he won’t gripe when I want to spend so much time at the barn!) Also – one word: SMOLDER!

Robin Hood from Robin Hood Prince of Thieves – a veteran, Robin isn’t afraid to stand up for what he believes in. He uses his skills and knowledge to help the less fortunate and to overthrow the evil Sheriff of Nottingham. He treats Maid Marion with respect and seems to appreciate her strength. He also likes horses and can shoot a bow and wield a sword (archery is really sexy!). I was in middle school (!) when the movie came out, and Robin (and Kevin Costner who played him) was my first Hollywood crush.


Aladdin  – ok, he’s a thief and basically homeless, but that’s through no fault of his own! Aladdin did what he had to to survive in a harsh world and in the end he learned that pretending to be someone that you are not isn’t how you make a mark on the world. You get a window into his heart in how he treats animals like his best bud, Abu, and let’s not forget that magic carpet ride.  After all, how many guys will agree to go on a singing, magic carpet ride…it takes a man strong in his identity and romantic to boot! Aladdin is good stock, he just needs the chance to become the man that he can be.

So, these are my picks. Now I want to hear yours – tweet it to us @fairytalesite using hashtag #fairytalebf or tell us below in the comments!



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