Halloween Costumes: Fairytale Edition

Halloween Costumes: Fairytale Edition

Halloween is fast approaching and if you don’t have a costume yet here are some fairy tale inspired looks.

Once Upon a Time on ABC
This year ABC has actually put out a line of costumes inspired by their TV show Once Upon A Time. Whether you want to be Emma Swan or Rumple you can find your costume by clicking here.

Harry Potter
With Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them coming out next month Halloween will be a perfect time to show your love of all things Harry Potter. From Hermione to Newt Scamander there are plenty of ideas. Click here for just one many sites with costumes.

Disney is the gold standard for fairytales. From Beauty to Moana there is something for everyone. A link to Disney costumes can be found here.

Game of Thrones
Not your typical fairytale, but one of my favorite shows, and so many different costume ideas. Be John Snow or the Dragon Queen. The possibilities are almost endless. Click here for a good sampling of costumes.

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Indoor activities are a must in the Emerald City (Seattle not Oz) and Tom has chosen TV as his favorite rainy day activity. Tom loves Game of Thrones, Shadowhunters and Shannara Chronicles to name a few.

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