INTERVIEW: Grimm’s Lee, Roiz, and Mitchell triple team

INTERVIEW: Grimm’s Lee, Roiz, and Mitchell triple team

Initially it looked like we may not get a chance to talk to half of the Grimm cast in the press room at San Diego Comic Con as things ran late and we still hadn’t seen Reggie Lee (Wu), Sasha Roiz (Captain/Mayor Elect Renard), and Silas Weir Mitchell (Monroe) when everyone was starting to pack up. We mentioned to one of the publicists that we hadn’t seen them yet and were treated to a feast of riches when all 3 sat down with us for a (albeit abbreviated) Q & A session.

The guys were in a great mood and pretty much interviewed each other when they weren’t laughing. A good time was had by all and I’m so glad that we didn’t miss talking with them. This year’s interviews are especially nostalgic now that we know that this is the last season and thus the last time we’ll see them all at Comic Con, after covering the show and the cast for 3 years.

Some highlights of the interview:

  • Silas’ response to the Monrosalee baby-to-be
  • The new Wu
  • What side Renard is really on (spoiler alert: his, and his alone!)
  • A video bomb by creator David Greenawalt (who went from table to table thanking and welcoming us when we first got started)
  • A mic drop


Grimm returns in January for it’s final season on NBC

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