INTERVIEW: Grimm’s Claire Coffee talks Hexenkids and Nadalind

INTERVIEW: Grimm’s Claire Coffee talks Hexenkids and Nadalind

I had a chance to sit down with the always lovely Claire Coffee (Adalind Schade) at San Diego Comic Con in the press room for Grimm and also talked with her one-on-one later in the evening at the NBC digital media party.

Over the course of both conversations, we talked about parenting homicidal hexenkids as well as human kids, Snapchat, and of course about the Nick-Adalind relationship. She assured me that Adalind still loves Nick, but her status remains complicated (she used the phrase “love quadrangle”) and Diana poses some unique parenting challenges. We also discussed Adalind’s journey from the pilot and how the 13-episode order for season 6 (now confirmed to be the final season) and will affect the show.

Check out the video below from our press room chat.

The final season of Grimm begins on Friday, January 6th at 8/7c on NBC

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