BEAUTY AND THE BEAST: Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Celebration

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST: Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Celebration

For a large portion of the population aged twenty-eight to thirty-five, today is a banner day. Beauty and the Beast comes out of the Disney Vault and will now be available on BluRay, and the studio came through and put together a great show in New York City for fans today. Rather than the movie’s first North American appearance at the New York Film Festival of 1991, this year that cast and crew performed at Lincoln Center to much anticipation and fanfare.

During the performance, the voice actors came out to entertain fans and recreate some of the film’s classic songs in front of a live audience. Robby Benson, Paige O’Hara, Angela Lansbury, and Richard White were all in attendance to talk about the film and what it means to all of them. Lansbury, for the first time in ages, sang “Be Out Guest” for the crowd.

Composer and Lyricist Alan Menkin sang a few pieces from the movie after opening with “Part of Your World” before going into “Gaston” and “Be Our Guest”.

While the animated version holds a special place in many hearts (mine included) there is also so much to look forward to as this classic is the next movie to be adapted from two dimensions into three by Disney. The live action version, staring Emma Watson as Belle, looks to be as enchanting as the original was.

If you haven’t seen the live action trailer, check it out below.

Beauty and the Beast (1992) will be available on DVD and BluRay today and Beauty and the Beast (2017) will be out on 17 March next year.

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