Age of Dragons

Age of Dragons

Dragons have been prevalent in fairy tales for centuries. They are a staple character in all the good stories. Swooping in to devastate a village, necessitating the knight to concur and win the heart of the distressed damsel. Lately it seems as if they are making a comeback. Harry Potter used them in, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire as fearsome animals set on destruction. While Dreamworks used them as a tool to show acceptance of others in, How to Train Your Dragon In fact they did so well with this concept that How to Train Your Dragon 3 is set to come out in 2018.

Disney got into the mix this year with the release of Pete’s Dragon a unique story whose plot reads like a Grimm Fairy tale. A boy is raised in the forest by a dragon named Elliot. The original movie, also a Disney production, came out in the 70’s. At that time it was animated, not a mix of live action and animation as this years release was, but as a child of the 70’s I can tell you it was awesome. The idea of being raised by a dragon seemed so preferable to my parents at times.

Of course the one big one I haven’t mentioned yet is Game of Thrones. The following for this show is huge, I’m a rabid fan, and no character is quite as polarizing as Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke). She is the Mother of Dragon’s and she wields them as she sees fit. The CGI that goes into creating those dragons is intense. With such a big following Game of Thrones has spawned a million spin off “businesses” where you can buy any number of related items. Etsy is full of dragon jewelry pages. Art by Aelia is one of my favorites and they didn’t even pay me to say that. You can find there page here.

Dragons have been a constant in fairy tales of all kinds since the beginning of storytelling and it appears they won’t be going anywhere any time soon.

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