GRIMM: Taming of the Wu Podcast

GRIMM: Taming of the Wu Podcast

Wow, there was a whole lot of storyline going on in this episode! Lots of mythology, and no Wesen of the Week, unless you count Wu’s not-exactly-a-Wesen Neanderthal turn. Or the fact that Diana’s skull mirror might just keep us up at night. Lots of pieces are being set into place for the final 3 episodes and based on the setup, it’s going to be epic (probably epic-ally awful for our favorite characters!)

On this week’s podcast, Rueben and I discuss the following points:

  1. Hank’s unlucky streak in love and whether he will figure out his new GF in time
  2. Adalind’s Sophie’s Choice, as well as her continuing lack of verbal communication skills
  3. Renard’s end-game with Adalind and Diana
  4. What the heck is Wu and what will it mean for the show
  5. DIANA – there’s a whole lot of freaky going on with that girl
  6. The gradual humanization of Eve

We also discuss when the next episode is as some sources, including one of the writers on Twitter on Friday night said there was a new episode next week while others say that there is not. However, the finale has been confirmed for May 20th, and there is only 2 Fridays between now and then. The NBC media website seems to confirm that the next episode will be on May 13th, but so far doesn’t confirm that two episodes will be aired on May 20th (which seems likely unless the finale date has been pushed back).

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