GRIMM Roundtable: The Beginning of the End (1&2)

GRIMM Roundtable: The Beginning of the End (1&2)

Wow! We got to see the episode last weekend, so we’ve had a week to let it settle into our brains, but I for one am still not sure I’ve wrapped my mind around everything that happened in these two episodes! It seems fair to say that however the current peril for all the characters is resolved, life in Portland and the show as we’ve come to know it will never be the same again.

Liz, Rueben and I give our thoughts on the episodes below – please add yours in the comments or tweet them to us @fairytalesite

Do you think Eve is “dead” and Juliette is back now? How was Bonaparte so powerful that even Eve was easily bested by him?

Cay: I was upset when they “killed” Juliette last year, but I ended up really liking the character of Eve. Now are we going to go back to Juliette being normal Juliette and have some weird love trapezoid between Nick, Juliette, Adalind +/- Renard? This seems a bit soapy, even for the show that brought us some of the craziest mistaken-identity sexual escapades short of daytime TV.

Bonaparte reminded me of a cross between Darth Vader and Damien Darhk of DC Comics fame – he did that whole remote choking thing with his hand and had powers that no one else, except Diana, could hope to match.

Rueben: I, too, was shocked when it seemed that Juliette was dead and then taken aback by Eve and all her power. But now that we’ve gotten to see Eve at her most powerful, I have to admit that whatever change has taken place because of Mr. Pointy is troubling, as I like Eve better as a character. I don’t know if I want Juliette to be back because Eve ended up being such a much more interesting and complex character, who I actually came to care more about than Juliette.

Liz: I agree with both of you, Juliette needs to remain Eve. I liked her so much better as Eve. She was much more useful and interesting. I was very disappointed in what they were doing (or not doing) with Juliette, until they made Eve. If they return us to the old storyline, I’m afraid I may quit the show. I’m really tired of writers running out of steam and regurgitating old, tired storylines. It’s been happening way too much with the shows I used to love watching and I’d hate to see it happen on Grimm.

Eve said that she didn’t realize that Bonaparte was full Zauberbiest, so I’m taking that to mean they are very powerful. We don’t really know much about him though. If he is an ancient Zauberbiest that could make him very powerful. Still, I had a feeling that it would be Diana who would take him down. After he attacked her mother? Yeah, he was underestimating her and overconfident in his own powers.

We’ve witnessed the “miracle” part of the Stick of Necessity (AKA Mr. Pointy), but what about the dangerous part?

Cay: We’ve now seen it heal Monroe, Nick (multiple times in one fight) and presumably Eve/Juliette. Is the danger part that if you happen to be a hexenbiest because you took a potion to turn into one so you could sleep with your Grimm boyfriend so he could get his powers back, that you lose your powers?

Liz: I feel like the writers are just dropping tiny hints to the stick’s power, other than healing. It’s frustrating but I guess it could be viewed as fun for people who like to put puzzles together. We know the stick heals. We know that Nick suffered no other affects. However, Eve seems to be having a tidal wave of feelings running through her. It remains to be seen if she has lost her powers or she will become a less robotic but still powerful Eve. Could that be viewed as dangerous? I think it depends on what is being done to its “patient”.

Rueben: We’ve only seen a small part of what Mr. Pointy can do, healing Monroe, not harming Nick; but the change it made to Eve could be a bad, bad thing. And I would hate to see what else it can do when it encounters someone who is really bad. I have a feeling there is a lot that is bad about Mr. Pointy or else the Knights wouldn’t have gone to so much trouble to hide it.

Rosalee’s pregnancy

Cay: I have been expecting this, so I assumed that was what was going on from the first time she mentioned that she didn’t feel good. This plotline offered just about the only good news in nearly two hours of death and despair. You have to wonder what kind of world this kid is going to be born into, after where we were left this season. Even more importantly, you have to wonder what a Fuchsbau-Blutbad hybrid would be like, and whether we can call it a “Fuchsbad”.

Liz: It’s not really a surprise to me. At the same time, I feel like this will be an interesting thing to see what they produce. The offspring of a Blutbad and a Fuchsbau should be something new. Have we seen anything like this on Grimm before? I can’t remember now.

Rueben: I was SO excited to learn that Rosalee is pregnant. With all the heavy that has happened in the show this season, we NEED something good to happen. It’ll just be interesting to see what the baby will be – more Blutbad like Monroe or Fuchsbau like Rosalee or an interesting combination of the two and what would that combination be called and/or what kind of Wesen will it be in terms of what it looks like and any kind of power.

They killed Meisner!

Cay: This scene killed me – Meisner battles valiantly, he’s the last to survive, and then is killed by Bonaparte, with a bit of an assist from Renard. Truly gut-wrenching, made even worse by Trubel’s reaction! This was the point in the episode where it seemed like all hope was lost. If Renard didn’t want him to die, why didn’t he shoot Bonaparte, instead of half-heartedly appealing to Bonaparte and then waiting until Meisner was beyond saving and then putting him out of his misery? We never really even figured out exactly what he is – definitely not Wesen, not a Grimm, but it’s hard to believe with his skills and knowledge that he was fully human, either.

Liz: This upset me a lot. The destruction of HW was horrible enough, but then to kill Meisner too? It was like the feeling I had while watching Juliette torch Aunt Marie’s trailer. Then if Eve has lost her powers, it will truly mean an end of any kind of defense against a Wesen takeover. Unless of course, Bonaparte’s death serves to weaken and scatter Black Claw. At least in Portland.

Rueben: I was devastated to see Meisner’s life end because I really liked him and felt we never really got to know enough about him (and seeing shirtless Meisner was pretty sweet too, but that’s a whole other story for another time). In terms of needing him on the HW team, this will be a big setback along with all of the other HW soldiers who were lost. I will miss him!!

Adalind is going to have her hands full trying to raise Diana to not be a supervillian.

Cay: The spoiled, needy child was one thing, but a homicidal child entirely another – is there anyone who has powers that rival hers if not Eve or Bonaparte. And then those Nightmare-before-Christmas dolls – that’s the stuff nightmares are made of! How exactly do you handle your young child killing her father’s mistress? How exactly do you parent that?! And I’m assuming that she killed Bonaparte because he hurt Adalind, but I guess we can’t rule out that she did it to protect Nick, also for Adalind.

On the topic of Adalind, I wish she would have stood up more for herself (she’s a frickin’ Hexenbiest!), but I did appreciate that she was under extreme duress and did her best to protect both Kelly and Nick. He sending Diane reminded me of Princess Leia sending R2 with her message, only a heck of a lot more creepy.

Liz: It does seem as if Diana is only doing what she has to to protect her family. It was interesting to me that when she was asking Adalind who hurt her, she immediately went to Renard as her first choice. It feels like she has a much stronger bond with her mother than her father, but we haven’t got much to really go on. Will she protect her brother in the same manner? It appears she already knows to kill when threatened and she did that even after Adalind told her not to kill people. I don’t know, maybe next season we’ll see more development of that situation.

Rueben: Diana is in line to be the next big bad for season six – at least that’s my prediction given what she has done so far and mainly because she made her dad kill Bonaparte (or at least make it look like that way). She definitely has a better connection with her mother since she followed her mom’s request in warning Nick that Black Claw was coming for them; but how long will that last? Will Diana be older (given how quickly she has already grown since Nick’s mom took her away from them all) when the show returns; and if so how much control, if any, will Adalind be able to have over her. Also, I have to agree I wish the Adalind we knew from the first season would have come through against Bonaparte.

What do you think will happen with Nick and Renard now that Bonaparte is dead? What about Black Claw – does it exist without it’s leader?

Cay: With Bonaparte dead, I anticipate Nick and Renard calling a temporary truce. While Renard likes power, I’m still not clear how much of what he was doing was of his own free will. If I was writing season 6, I’d have Renard settle down as mayor and Nick promoted to police captain. Black Claw will fade away for at least the time being, like the Death Eaters after Voldemort’s first “death”. Now that we’ve seen the kind of power that Bonaparte has, I’m not sure that anyone really joined Black Claw entirely willingly, and I’m not sure that anyone will step up if not Renard with him dead. That’s what I think I want to see, but the writers could continue to take the show darker and darker if this wasn’t Black Claw’s last stand for a while, not to mention stretch out the whole Nick-Adalind-Juliette-Eve situation way past the jump the shark point.

Liz: That’s going to be the big thing going forward, isn’t it? Renard still didn’t look happy while standing the holding that sword. He looked like he wanted to use it on Nick. That being said, Bonaparte did tell Renard that he is still too compassionate toward people. Clearly he didn’t like the way Bony was slowly killing Meisner. Honestly, the whole Renard turning Black Claw so easily and believing in what they stood for was such a complete 360 from the Renard we had come to know. He was reduced to a mere puppet. It all felt to me like it was forced by the writers. Again, we already saw dark Renard last season. That was clearly a possession. This was not. There was no brainwashing or coercion being done to him. No magic mind control. It was a rewrite of the character without any transition that could make it believable to me. It was clumsy.

Rueben: I’m worried about what will happen next between Nick and Renard to be honest. Will they be at odds, will they walk away and make the impending war stop. Will they work together to bring about a truce? Will they fight to the death? There are too many different variables to guess what might happen. I don’t think Nick will be able to forgive Renard for claiming Kelly as his son and allowing Bonaparte to take him (and Adalind). Either way, I don’t think the showdown is going to be pretty.

Other thoughts/what did you think of the episode?

Cay: While this finale was definitely exciting, it was also rather disturbing and seemingly changed so much of what I like about the show – it’s hard to imagine it going back to a simple Wesen of the Week format after all this death and destruction. Did we really just go back to Juliette? How does it work at the precinct with Renard either dead or mayor? What about Adalind and Kelly? I’m going to trust the writers for now, but part of me worries that the show that returns next season might not be a show that I want to watch as much as I have the past few years.

Liz: I feel a lot like you do, Cay. I felt like this season started out so strong and really grabbed my interest, but this finale was splintered. It felt really underwhelming for how it was built up through the season. I liked seeing Nick kick ass all by his lonesome Grimm self. However, if Juliette has returned, that’s a deal-breaker for me. I like that Monrosalee are expecting, but in the world they are currently living in, was that a wise thing to do? It’s not like we really need to increase the danger level. It was fun seeing Wu bring out his inner Neanderthal to fight, but we still have no idea what he is now. I’m disappointed that that was left dangling. Now that Bony is dead, can Adalind take off that ring? And with that threat removed, will she take the kids and move out again, or will Diana keep her mother prisoner there with Renard, just because she wants to be a family? It really does seem like a soap opera, doesn’t it? Not sure I like that at all.

Rueben: I was deeply disturbed by all of the death and destruction; it was very unsettling. It was also a very dark way to end the season with all of that happening. They are all separated, albeit in pairs, and the end was a bit anti-climatic because Nick and Renard were just standing there. If they had run at each, weapons drawn and then the screen faded to black we could have been left more on the edge of our seats, but by just standing there it felt short-sighted.

Memorable Quotes: 

I just want to find out who they voted for – Monroe

Did you realy think I just decided that you were the hottest guy on earth and I just couldn’t wait to take my clothes off and hop into bed with you? – Adalind
Well, I AM the new mayor – Renard
I didn’t vote for you – Adalind

Tripped…over a Hexenbiest? – Nick

How long has Diana been asleep? – Renard
A couple of hours, why? – Adalind
I think we need to talk to her…about killing people. – Renard
…yeah Sean, I told my daughter to murder her father’s mistress

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